Help! Am I gonna have enough dosh?!

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Have been planning now for months and I'm off to S.A on 12th Feb, so excited!
I'm starting in Salvador for carnival then moving south via Rio and Iguazu into Argentina where I will spend time in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Salta most probably to then go up into Bolivia. There I'll be doing the salt flats then to LA Paz and Lake Titicaca then across to Santa cruz from where I will go back to brazil on the 'death train' then back to Salvador to catch my flight home 3 and a half months from when I arrived!
I'm getting a bit worried about my budget, that it wont be enough. I am getting buses everywhere and will stay in the cheapest hostels I can find but there are a few excursions I wanna do. These would be some sort of rainforest trip in Bolivia, probably from Rurrenabaque, also the salt flats and lake titicaca. I also wanted to do a jeep excursion in the Pantanal from Corumba.

Now I will have £3000 (british pounds)which will be roughly £200 a week, will this be enough for the things I want to do? I am in S.A for three and a half months.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

P.S sorry for the very boring post :)

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It should be plenty; most travellers I've met are on a much tighter budget.

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more than enough i would say ..don't forget the pound goes a long way ... my mom is in Argentina and she told me that the dollars is about 3-1 so Three argentinan for the US dollar ....u can about double that for the pound or less ... have fun in South America !

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HEy EDAngeli, I'm from Brazil and I ca give you some tips to clear your mind. I don't know the exchange rate between R$ and pounds, I guess it's around 5:1. The dollar today is worth R$2.14. So you do the math.

As a reference, a can of coke costs around R$2.00. Since you'll be going to Salvador for carnaval, you should expect prices to be higher.

So you said that you would have roughly 200 pounds to spend a week, which amounts to R$1000 reais a week. I'd guess it would be enough, as long as you do what you wrote (stay in cheap hostels and the sort). Meals in cheap restaurants or bars are R$ 10.00 on average. But, I'm talking about São Paulo, my home city, which is the most expensive. You might expect prices to be lower in other places.

That's what I roughly have to say so far, but if you need anything, drop me a line.


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Afraid I don't have any advice to give, but I'm leaving for SA in early may and my route is almost identical to yours - apart from I fly into Rio and may carry on to Peru after Bolivia. I'd love to hear your experiences on your trip as a rough idea of what I'm getting into!