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I got the travel bug! I'm going to finish this semester to get my 2 year and then i plan on doing some traveling.

I been looking around various sites and have stumbled a Around-The-World ticket several times?

Are these tickets any different then me just buying the individual legs of the trip myself and just search for the cheapest one? Or are there advantages to Around-The-World tickets?

I know if i buy individual tickets i pretty much have to know the exact date and time i want leave an airport. Is there someway to add some flexibility to this? I mean if i want to travel around Vietnam, Cambodia, later to China and Japan i may find stops along the way that i want to check out, and other times i might just get bored with a city and want to move on to the next stop.

Thank you for any help you guys and girls can provide.

Thomas S.
Tampa, FL

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It's a ticket that allows you to go around the world :)


No seriously, RTW tickets have a number of advantages over buying individual legs not least of which is cost. You can get a RTW ticket for around £1000 and a flight from the UK to South America could cost you £500 or so on its own so you're already half way there. As I understand it, when you buy a RTW ticket you agree the date of your first flight (leaving from home) and also set your route, but from then on you can pick and change dates as you wish. So you can take as long as you want to get from one place to the other, and just set a date when you know you're going to be able to fly rather than rushing to meet a particular date.

Speak to a travel agent - they will be able to give you the lowdown, and have a great trip!

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samot is right...do the maths here...

if you book all your flights, single flights etc you will end up paying eg-3k-4k. buy around the world ticket and you may pay just 1.5k-2k

having said that im travelling to many places...but in relation to flying from bangkok to vietnam, cambodia etc etc its only costing me 25 euro per flight...out doubt mr travel agent could get me a better deal...but worth asking, if they cant in that respect then you book the shorter trips / flights yourself...

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Do you guys prefer to buy your RTW tickets online or from an over the counter travel agent? Is there a price difference? I found airtreks dot com and they have a pretty nice way of planning the trip.

Can you guys recommend any places to buy RTW tickets. And price is not my only concern, i rather pay a little more knowing that the tickets will be honored whenever i try to use them.

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in relation to RTW tickets i prefer to buy mine over the phone or even in person. they also inform me about stuff that might be happening in that country or give me the latest in terms of everything especially about countrys that i may know nothing about.

after all they are the experts (travel consultants) and they have systems were they can see the best deals for us...when we dont.

actually i dont think its even possible to buy a rtw ticket on a website...eg the max number of flights that one wants to book might only be 4...what happens if you want to do 10? especially for tailor made RTW trip.

im from ireland and the 2 best companys for buying round the world flight tickets are


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Yeah don't think you'll be able to buy one online even though you may get a rough quote online. You'll inevitably have to speak to someone.

STA Travel sorted mine, the following route was £1736 including all taxes and fees:

BA 247 LHRGIG 2145 0800 london - rio de janeiro
LA 833 SCLIPC 1705 2025 santiago - easter island
LA 833 IPCPPT 2125 2320 easter island - tahiti
QF3826 PPTAKL 0140 0535 tahiti - auckland
QF 310 CHCSYD 0645 0810 christchurch - sydney
QF 139 PERCGK 2040 2359 perth - jakarta
QF 29 HKGLHR 0740 1320 hong kong - london

But yeah speak to someone as a person will be able to help suggest changes to your itinerary to save you heaps - you wouldn't get that from a computer. And this is coming from a guy who has ALWAYS bought return flights online!

Hope this helps,


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Hi Thomas,

For some strange reason, RTW tickets are tougher and more expensive for Americans to get than for those across the pond. I'm not sure why that is, maybe because we're less prone to take the time off to travel around the world.

That said, I know the Star Alliance has an option for a RTW ticket, and I know people who have done this, though it is not cheap (I'd estimate about $3,500-$5,000).

I've used, and would recommend a company called Air Treks. You can find them on the web, and I'd recommend first checking out there web site (though you'll find that once you start working with them on the phone, the prices are actually much lower than what's quoted). The deal with them is that once you set your destinations, they cannot be changed, but the dates can be changed along the way (sometimes for a small fee imposed by the airline). My recommendation with them is to book in "legs" if you are unsure of your entire route. For instance, I used them to travel for a bit through the South Pacific, to New Zealand and then Australia. At the time of booking, I had no idea whether that would be the end of my trip or if I would have the money or desire to keep going. So from NZ, I then went and booked another leg from Australia to South America, then from South America on home.

I have no vested interest in the company, I've just used them several times and they've worked well each time.

The other option would be to book through one of the UK companies, find your way to London and start your RTW from there. I don't think they allow you to start it from the States, but I think if you can get yourself over there, it's not a problem.

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Sorry, I admit, I just skimmed the previous posts. I see you already checked out Air Treks. Same advice, when you're ready, give them a call. Live human beings are always a bit more help and they can get creative on finding you the best deal.

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Thanks guys and girls for the all the help. I have contacted AirTreks and will talk to them about the best options for my trip.

From the sound of it most companies that sell RTW tickets are pretty helpful and honest when it comes to finding your best option.

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I wish I had used RTW tickets years ago. As regular business traveler they have saved me tens of thousands of dollars. Although I live in Europe I purchase my tickets in Thailand.

I guess there must be other places where good deals are to be had. I am always looking and there are Hot Spots such as Egypt (never tried) and Libya (never wanted to try).

RTW ticket costs vary significantly depending on where they are purchased (which is where your journey must commence). Then the cost will normally depend on the miles your route takes, although one alliance calculates ticket cost based on the continents visited.

On my first trip I had to get a one way ticket to Bangkok, where I purchased my ticket from a reputable ('British owned') agency.

Your choice of Alliance might will give you the chance to stop off at places you may not have considered at first. You can also make legs overland i.e. Fly Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur then take the train to Singapore and resume your flights from there.

Last time I checked there were three 'Alliances' offering RTW tickets Sometimes airlines, such as United and Emirates will team up and do special deals.

Tickets are usually valid for 12 months and some will (for a small fee) allow you changes in itinerary. A certain amount of back tracking is also allowed.

Great Circle mapper will help you choose a route and calculate the (air distance) from airport to airport http://gc.kls2.com/

There are also other deals like Pacific Rim, Mecrosul air passes for South America.

Enjoy yourselves..