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I'm planning my trip at the moment and would like some advice/constructive criticism! I'm only in the first stages of planning so I can make plenty of changes. Budget is not including flights insurance eqipment trips etc, just my spends on food accomodation etc really.

June - UK - South America
2 weeks, maybe go to Rio, Buenos Aires, Lima and then to Quito

11 weeks project, will already be paid for including everything, but budgetting for some extras there-

Quito - LA
Already planned a trip to SF, Canyons etc but budgetting for some extras-

LA - Singapore
Only going to stay 1 night/2days before heading overland to bangkok -

Singapore - Thailand - 14 days, will already be all paid for inc everything.

Thailand - 1 month - £600

Tokyo - 5 days - £250

Hong Kong 5 days - £250

Lastly, I want to do another stop off in asis because I can for no extra charge on my ticket, I was thinking maybe Delhi or somewhere, for about a week, - £300

Thats £2700 spends.

Any advice?!?!

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I generally spend about £400 a month in Thailand but I stay in really cheap hotels, so £600 for a month will allow you to stay in nicer hotels.

Also, you'll probably spend a lot less than £100 in Singapore if you're only there for one night.

£250 sounds about right for five days in Tokyo providing you do a couple of day trips, but if you spend all your time in Tokyo and don't do any travelling around Japan then you'll probably spend less than that.

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Two weeks for all those places in South America including the time getting to them, is an unrealistic expectation! Just getting from Rio De Janiero-Buenos Aires without a very expensive flight takes a couple of days at least I'd imagine, because it took me over a full day and a half to get from Assunction in Paraguay-Rio De Janeiro as you can't go there directly and it is a hell of a long journey. So getting from Rio De Janeiro-Buenos Aires without a flight would take 2 full days at least I'd imagine. Then the distance between Buenos Aires and Lima is even further. To give you an idea about the distances involved, I met this person who lives in Lima who had a life long dream to go to Rio De Janiero, he was in Rio after 7 days of being on the bus with only small food/toilet stops every so often. I certainly couldn't be bothered spending that much time in complete bordem and very sore backside on the bus with no sleep for the whole time as I can't sleep on buses or planes. So 7 days for that distance, (which looks approximately the same on the map as Buenos Aires-Lima)would mean for your trip you'd spend about two full weeks on buses, let alone seeing anything more than what you see as you are driving along in the bus to make you time slightly enjoyable.

Unless you have got flights paid for by someone else in advance, that amount of travel overland is enormous, so if you limited it to two places like Rio De Janiero and Buenos Aires then it might seem a slightly more realistc aim.

For 300 pounds in 1 week in Delhi, you could live it up pretty nicely if you stayed in the budget hotels, because you can get pretty reasonable places like Hotel Downtown and it cost something like $7US a night (can't remember exact figure), other places cost the same or a bit less in Main Bazaar and they aren't too bad quality. Even with a trip like from Delhi-Agra to see the Taj Mahal (Amazing), or a trip from Delhi-Haridwar-Rishikesh and back to Delhi (really nice and calm and not so harrassing like most places in India) in a week using the train and buses to get to and from those places, you wouldn't spend that much unless you deliberately wanted to throw your money away. So you should have change of you budget in India unless it has gone up considerably since June last year when I was there in 50C weather. Entry in to the Taj Mahal was expensive for tourists compared to the local price, but it was still only about $10US or so if I remember rightly for entry and that gave you entry in to other sites as well. So if you go to Agra be sure to go to the Taj first to save on entry or get free entry to a number of other sites.

The other budgets sound about right.

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Thanks guys, that was one of those questions where if I'd of been hundreds and hundreds off the mark I wouldn't have been surprised as I had no idea!

As far as South America goes, a travel agent suggested those stops to add to my ticket as I could do this for very little extra cost, I was a bit worried about whether I was overdoing it though, I don't want to be rushing from place to place not getting a chance to see anywhere properly.

Are my times in each place appropriate to do the must-sees etc, what does anyone think?

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Not to be to intruding, but what are the 11 week in South American and 2 week in Singapore Thailand?

Is it Jakera in South America? Are you doing some prearranged adventure trips? I love adding some sport or adventure trips to the schedule.

Good luck on your travels

Thomas S.
Tampa, FL

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In South America I'm possibly doing an Amazon conservation project with Greenforce, although several other organisations run similar projects so I'm weighing them all up at the moment. The Greenforce one does a 4 day Galapogos Island trip at the end of theirs you see and I really want to do that, hopefully do some diving etc.

From Singpore to Bangkok I'm going to get on one of the many overland 'adventure' trips that run between these two desinations. I know Intrepid do one (and my friend is going on it soon so I will hopefully get some feedback).

Because I'm going on my lonesome I just want to meet some people etc and add variety to my trip. I've gathered loads of info on different trips or anything if anyone would like!

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I would love some more info on the overland adventure trips for Asia and South East Asia.

Thomas S.

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I've been looking through the Asia ones on which look pretty good but also have a look at and I'll let you know if I find anything else of interest!