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Could anyone help me pick the best route from the UK to Greece and possibly how much it would cost to do so.

Also any information or advice I may need would be highly apprecated.

Thank you very much

Helen and Andy

P.s. do you think were crazy

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Yep, crazy in a very positive way!

But according to routeplanners the best route is about 3400 kilometers in 34 (driving) hours via the Channel to Calais, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia to Greece.
But of course a more hasslefree route (considering Serbia) is via France or Germany to Italy and catch a boat in for example Brindisi, Ancona or Venice to Greece.

Have fun, Michael.

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I did this route when i was going to london for University actually.

We went through france, switzerland and Italy and then took the ferry from bari to Igoumenitsa. There are many variations to the trip and you can take the ferry from Venice or i think prindisi to Igoumenitsa or Patras (the site was superfastferries.gr or something similar). But the roads this way are perfect and you are in highways all the way than if you come from Austria/hungary/Romania/Bulgaria.

I also remember we went through a tunnel in the border from france to Switzerland and this was very expensive to cross even though it saved us a lot of time. Also it depends what you want to do? Do you want to see places? or want a quick drive? If a quick drive i would start really early at night drive in turns until Italy and then take the overnight ferry to Greece and sleep on the boat as we did.

Where in Greece are you going? Rhodes? so i can tell you the best way...

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If you can get your car out of Liverpool with the wheels still attached then the rest should be plain sailing

Sorry I'm bored!

Your trip sounds amazing, go for it!!

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Thanks for replying all and Simon so do I ha ha.

We have planned to go Liverpool - France - Switzerland - Italy - then from Brindisi get the ferry to Corfu.

Can any one give a rough idea on how much where looking at paying out? and how long it will take to drive from Calais to Italy?


Helen and Andy

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It might be cheaper going through Germany and Austria, as you you have to pay road toll for France and Switzerland. You have to pay road toll in Austria too, but the vignette for Austria is only 8 EUR and thus significantly cheaper than the Swiss.

Italy charges road toll too.

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If you are coming into Austria from Germany, you can take the following route to Italy:

After seeing the Casles in the south of Germany (at least considering this is a vacation trip, and not a way to reach Greexe as fast as possible). Füssen (Germany) - Imst (Austria) - Rechenpass (border between Austria and Italy). It is a pretty route, and above all, you don't need a vinette for the Austrian autobahn, and you don't need to pay toll for crossing the Alps.

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Over the last couple of days I have been doing a bit of research and we are deffinetly taking the UK - France - Switzerland - Italy -- Corfu.

I have organised an overnight stay in Mulhouse, France and then in Ostuni, Italy.

The trip will cost in total there and back £1500.00 GBP thats adding a little extra for anything I have missed.

The stay in Mulhouse will be at the formula one hotel £21.50 for 3 adults and 3 breakfasts am sorry but you carn't get better then that. The stay in Ostuni is at a family run hotel I cant remeber the name but it looks really nice and the coments were fab.

But you can't beat hthe Roda Oasis Hotel and Apartments in Corfu because the owners Kostus and Nicos are just the best people in the world. They make you so welcome and without them its not a holiday.

I have gone every year since 2004 apart from last year because I was pregnant with my little girl.

Any way I would recomend going there.

Thanks for all your help everyone

Can anyone remember how much it is to get the train through the gotthard tunnel or to drive.