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1. Posted by Jessie C. (Budding Member 10 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

This isn't the annoying "I'm going to Europe for two weeks - where should I go?" post. But close to it.
Whenever anyone asks where they should go, I agree with the sage advice that you have to pick your destinations based on what you want to see, not what someone else may have enjoyed.
But what if you've already got a few trips in mind? How do you narrow it down? Especially since they all seem to be equivalent in price, feasible in the time allotted, and dreamed about for years?
Do you choose by climate/weather? The only thing I absolutely know is that I'm traveling in late September.
Do you just randomly pick one, and hope you get to all the others in your lifetime?
Most of my travel has been opportunistic - someone's going, or already there. I've never really gotten to choose before, and I'm afraid I'll make the wrong choice!

How have you decided where to go?

2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Jessie

When I am in your situation, i use a very sophisticated choosing method. I toss a coin.

But dont worry about the other places. U will likey live for the best part, of a century, so there is time to see them. They are going nowhere.


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hey there, im kind of in the same situation too. I live in Paris and i love to travel on the weekends, and theres so much to see that i have a hard time pinpointing it all...dont forget to take a few days out of your planning for the travel. And i dont know what youve seen yet, but you can always start North and head south. Ex. Amsterdam(2/3 days)-Brussels(1 day max)-to Berne, Switzerland or Zurich, or Geneva for a few days- and last but not least my personal favorite ITALY!! you can always spend the remainder of you vacation traveling through Venise, Florence, Rome, etc. Or you could go the other direction and head through Paris (3/4 days min) through Spain (Barcelona, Madrid etc)...But weather is always good in September so I would head the Italy route... Just grab a map and depending on your traveling accomadations pick that way. I suggest the train, it will always take you to the center of any city you choose. And though it may be a bit more expensive you wont have to deal with any buses or travel confusion. Let me know what you think. GOOD LUCK!!

4. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Always remember, there is always another opportunity for what you don't see this time. Pick the travel that you think you would like the most. (which city/town/trip is screaming "Pick me!!!" the loudest, in your mind?).

I have about 4 trips planned at the moment (Scotland / Norway / Italy / Andalusia). Climate would influence my choice for sure (Inland Spain in July/August is too hot for me/Scotland you want to time for the least chance of rain).

There is no wrong choice. When you picked places that appeal to you, you can't make a wrong choice. It is true that you can travel to a place you liked less or are disappointing, but even than it is worth the experience.

@sanich625: for Belgium: I would pick Brugge/Brugges, in favour of Brussels, but you could do both in a weekend, and maybe even adding Gent/Ghent, would be good.

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5. Posted by theodoridi (Budding Member 38 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

My idea is you should mix and match and never try to overdo it though....
A few places so you can enjoy...

The good thing about Europe is that it is very well linked with the open market and al so there are numerous cheap airlines and trains as well as a very extensive bus network. So flying within Europe is cheap if you book in advance...

My only tip is that Northern Europe is different to southern Europe and you should mix and match these 2. Northern Europe is richer, more organised... while southern Europe is more fun, culturally rich and outgoing kind of behavior as it is warmer...

From the North you have to see Paris and Amsterdam in my opinion and from the south Rome, Barcelona, Athens with some close by island tours. This is already too much for 2weeks...

6. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

its quite easy see what language they speak! in some european countrys they know little or noth of english which makes it very difficult to do anything such as italy compared with germany!
or in holland everyone speaks english! some would say english is there first language as you even hear dutch people speaking english to each other etc make sure you have a translattion dictionary with you if you go to italy / spain! they havnt a clue about english also the east european countrys. in germany, holland some parts of france they speak english....after all english is the business language of the world! though speaking in the countrys native language or attempting (is a good start) never go up to old people and try and communicate with them...they never know english when you are stuck! when you speak to the young people then there english is excellent.

another thing i look at is climate! i certainly do not want to be going anywhere cold, though when you come to europe in our summers most of the continent is quite warm but go to ireland and the uk during the summer and the weather is quite poor...your lucky to get a good few days of warm weather! south of england might be more challenging in the summer for its weather.
also go to spain and south of france and the weather can be unbareable during the summer months!

you also look at the countrys history...hungary only came out communism in the 1990s go there today and people are unfriendly, dont know a word in english, everyone with all sad,grump, long faces, dont have much to go on...depressing in other words...typical former commuist country.

you look at nightlife! if you love your nightlife then you will very dissapointed if you go to france, and im sure italy! they drink more coffee than beer which says everything.

also listening to others does actually help, though everyone shares a different opinion but there is nothing worse than visiting a city and it ends up been a horrible place and you were advised about this from a friend.

if we didnt listen or share opinions then what would be the point of even having this website TP?

if i want to see something then i go and see it, i dont negogiate with time...i just do it.

another thing is that you look at price! if you go to the uk and in a lot of places in ireland you will spend twice as much as what you would spend on mainland continent.

maybe you love your food like i do? and you want to sample? go to france and you get the best stuff to eat there in resteraunts! and in some places in italy! if you come to ireland or the uk its fish and chips! why else is the uk the biggest fattys in europe? ireland are fattys cos of beer!

also if you on the continent its quite easy to get a train to EVERYWHERE! without relying on ireland and uk you got to get the plane!



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7. Posted by antonisimo (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

here is some photoes from a Bulgarian village