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hi, iam justing wondering what is the best way to travel around europe. Do i just get on a plane to amsterdam and work my down to the bottom of spain and so on, or do i plan my route with an itinery with how long to stay in places and when to leave. ive been looking on various websites and talking to various people and it seems to work in some cases. so you can leave a place in a few days or stay in another for weeks. iam planning to leave in january 2008 and return in about 6 months. what kind of things to i need to do before i leave i.e. get a visa or fill out forms to say iam leaving the country for 6 months? i dont no i need to find out these kind of things.

thanks in advance, adam

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Well, if you are a UK citizen, you can do whatever you want. There are no restrictions of movement within the EU for you. You can even work your way around the continent without a needing a workpermit. If you speak good French, jobs at Eurodisney are quite popular.

Best contact the Department of Work and Pensions on employment opportunities/internship programmes for young people with limited work experience within the EU.


BTW, you can take the train to Amsterdam. :-) If you want to take the plane, fly all the way to Morocco with easyjet, then work your way home going overland! You will save the environment lots of hassle that way, never mind it being more fun to travel north with spring and summer trailing behind you.

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Hello Adambrooky

U dont need visas, since u are a UK citizen. U dont need to fill in forms, either in the UK. I am from Ireland, and i did not need to fill out anything, before leaving Ireland. I left 4 years ago. I hop over there sometimes, and back again, without any paper filling.

There are a few good ways to travel around.
U can get a Eurorail pass, for a group of countries, to travel unlimited miles on the trains for a months.
U could set out an intenary, as u said. Then u could buy flights to and from various cities, on the internet. They can be very cheap, if booked months in advance.
I dont know about all countries, but in Germany, there is an agency u can go to. When people are going to drive someplace, they contact the agency, to get a paying passanger. It is often cheaper, than train journeys to be a paying passanger.
In Germany, there are also often bargin train journeys, which u can buy, a couple of months, in advance. Maybe other countries also do this.


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4. Posted by adambrooky (Budding Member 16 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

just wondering if anyone has a itinery that they followed that work around europe just so i can get a idea of some places, so i can find out more. iam planning on being away from england for between 6-12 months. any ideas appreciated.

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One initiary is to follow the strawberries harvest going north - but you've got to be desperate for money or love strawberries very very much to do this!

Why don't you first figure out where you really want to go to, and where a job might crop up? Please consider that for some internship programs supported by the EU you have to apply about one year in advance and they can last for up to one year, so going to DWP and looking at what is available and interesting to you should be your first step.

Also, do you have any previous work experience? Like working in a bar or at a fast food chain? Do you speak any other language than English? Could you teach English to non-native speakers? Got any qualifications that might be useful in a resort, like being a gym instructor or being a certified lifeguard? That will determine at lot of your options.

Also, what do you want to do most? Work or have fun? Do you want to stay longer in one specific country or see a lot of Europe during your trip? Could you make it last longer without any problems or do you must be home after one year? Have you saved up any money? How much? Could you get along without a job?

There are just too many factors to consider so that there is no way of working out a real initiary for you right now.

6. Posted by adambrooky (Budding Member 16 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hi well i dont want to work to start off with but obviously i will wen the funds start to get low. i havnt got a plan of being home in 12 months because you never no i might stop in a country for a few months at a time depends wether i like it or not, i say this because i have nothing tieing me down, i live with my parents (so no mortage) no girlfriend (no long distance relationship stuff). i have no real work like lifeguard, barman and so on, but i want to get a part time job as a bar man before i go so i have experience.
i will have about £4000 to last me thats for everything. i also dont really no any languages except french that i learned in secondary school but that is very rusty, and extremmely basic spanish like the stuff you learn on holiday. so what do you think now. my plan is to start in malaga-barcelona-monaco-rome-naples-athens-back up to budapest-prague-berlin-amsterdam-brussels-paris then home i no its far fetch but i dont think i will end up goin to them all but about 1 week or 2 in most places with the possibility of staying longer in a few places. and if i can get more funds together i want to travel around ireland for a good 3 months staying with friends and family.

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With 4k GBP you can plan on spending about 6 months on the road.

If you stay at a few places for longer (renting a room in a shared appartment for a month), you might be able to make your money last up to 9 months. 12 months if you stay for longer in Eastern Europe. But this is a very rigid budget.

Paris is very expensive, if you put it at the end of your trip you might not have the money for it by then. It also is quite expensive to get from Paris to London. It is a lot cheaper to fly with easyjet or ryanair from Berlin to the UK than Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris trip you planned. It is only reasonable if you intend to work in Paris or A'dam.

Personally, I also feel that you definitely need to include Istanbul. Note that flights from Istanbul to Berlin are available from 19 EUR on with germanwings.

See www.skyscanner.net