Cuban Police being heavy?

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I have heard rumours that since Castro has been ill the police in Cuba have been extra vigilant about foreigners associating with the local people. Can anyone who has been there recently shed some light on these rumours? My girlfriend and I are going at the end of January and she has heard from some people that you now have to eat in government approved restaurants, that speaking to people is frowned upon and could land you in trouble....

I must say it sounds a bit strange, I thought it was business as normal. Are the police doing what they have always done, or are they being more careful now that Castro is on the way out?

Any comments from people who have been there recently would be greatly appreciated.


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Just rumours, as always. Unfortunatelly I havenĀ“t been there recently, it's been 10 months since my last visit, but my brother-in-law went in mid December and one team mate came back 3 days ago. There's nothing to worry about.

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That's what i thought but...

My girlfriend is Spanish, and not comfortable / used to travelling.
Some friends of hers have just come back from there and were a little dissilusioned / surprised at the treatment of the police. I have a feeling that they were being no more vigilant than normal, but that they weren't prepared / expecting it. There is also (dare I say it) a tendency for some people to exagarrate the situation for dramatic storytelling effect (far be it for me to say that being Spanish had something to do with this!!!).