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New to the forum.

I have a question. Trying to plan a vacation, hasnt been decided if it will be with the girlfriend or the friends yet, BUT...either way not sure where to go, im thinking somewhere in the caribbean!

Any ideas? Is it better to go on a cruise or to a resort?
All inclusive or not??

this is my first time planning a trip so any help would gladly be considered!

Thanks in advance from cold cold boston ma...

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Probably depends on what you are wanting to do, and how long you are going for.
If it is 1-2weeks and you are looking to relax, drink, and party, than an all inclusive would probably be the way to go.

If you want to experience the actual culture of the country you are going to, then I would avoid an all inclusive, and try to pick something not so touristy.

I have done alot of all inclusive trips to Mexico and Jamaica, there great for short breaks from the cold, but you end up mostly meeting American & Canadians, and the staff of the resort.

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It's a tough question, they are both great choices and very different, hard to compare.
If you go on a cruise, you'll visit many places, comfort is unbeatable, they make you feel as a king. If you go to a resort it'll be more restrictive, but of course you can book tours and rides to nearby attractions. All inclusive also means that tours are included, for example to native villages if you are in Panama.
There's a very wide field you are dealing with here! Search the web a little, read some blog entries. You can call 1-800-399-6186, ask the guys to send you some photos and prices to start getting a better picture.
Hey, whatever you choose, you'll have a great time! I'm sure