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1. Posted by kindred (Full Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I joined to warn people buying travel insurance. I have posted to several sites concerning this. It's very important that people know some companies are not providing services or coverage you think they are, beware the small print !

Recently while in China I discovered I had NO medical coverage at all even though I had been told I was "fully covered". The infamous trio that I thought had provided coverage was GWL, Lloyds, and Norfolk.

Turns out my employer had submitted "last years" forms, however he was NEVER advised that he needed to submit new ones, and despite having used these companies for years was never advised the forms had changed and that none of his employees were covered.

The original forms were submitted TWO months before we left for China and at no time did the infamous trio advise that there was a problem with them.

This ended up costing me well over $5000 CDN for medical and medivac expenses. So be VERY careful who you have your coverage with and be absolutely SURE you are covered.

In addition when coverage was put in place, there were exceptions placed on my coverage, coincidentally for the illness I had experienced while in China !

Therefore reimbursement was refused. I have never had any exceptions placed on my coverage in the past, and had a complete and full medical before leaving Canada for China.

This is a heads up for all travelers - have the premium in hand AND the small print before leaving the country. If they tell you, as they did me when I was medivaced out of the country "dont worry we'll straighten this all out - go - you need the surgery" do NOT believe them - it could cost you thousands of dollars -

2. Posted by kindred (Full Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I am relieved to see people are reading my post about the importance of insurance - I have been back in Canada since October 21st. I saw the surgeon on the 22nd. and had the surgery, however this is a nightmare that doesnt go away and I am STILL trying to unravel the financial mess.

Yesterday I received an email from Medex Assist advising me that they wish to be reimbursed for the hotel room they booked in Hong Kong although they themselves advised me that I didnt have coverage and they were unable to get a flight to Hong Kong until the following day. They failed to cancel the room apparently.

I paid for that flight, I paid for the return flight and while I was waiting to go in to see the surgeon in Hong Kong received a phone call advising me I did NOT have medical coverage. I then had to pay the medical fees before leaving, xrays, surgeon consultation, and prescriptions etc. Paid for taxis, and my hotel room etc. Hong Kong is VERY expensive.

I advised MEDEX Assist that I was NOT paying, they knew I wouldnt be in Hong Kong that night as they couldnt get a flight and I am not in the habit of staying in nor can I afford $300 a night (CDN) hotel rooms. When I travel I use in Asia and generally pay around $30 Cdn a night for a hotel.

I had to borrow money for the flight back to Canada, this wiped me out financially.

Here's a travel trip for people in China, the people at Dragon Air are INCREDIBLE ! You could not get better service anywhere in the world - I left China without any Hong Kong dollars as it was a medical emergency and the flight attendants asked people on board for Hong Kong money for me - I traded them with RMB - so that I would have enough to taxis and immediate expenses when I arrived.

They accompanied me got me through Immigration, customs and that huge airport in what seemed to be about 15 minutes, loaded me into a taxi, gave the driver the address for the hospital and wished me all the best - they were incredible !

I would do commercials for them !

3. Posted by kindred (Full Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

The GWL saga gets better, they have now tried to deliver a parcel containing personal and confidential information - my insurance coverage and exceptions and personal information - to an address in the WRONG city - Prince George - via overnight courier - unfortunately I dont live in Prince George - this is just freaking unbelievable !

HOW do they just suddenly get the wrong city on their address information? The errors and screw ups this company has made are just - well unbelievable.

4. Posted by kindred (Full Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

And fortunately there was no such street address in Prince George or they would have handed it over to God only knows who, or what they could have done with the information -

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