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Hi all

This is my first post, so here goes.

My girlfriend and I are planning to go RTW in June now that we have career breaks and someone to rent our flat all sorted!

We're currently reading a lot of books and checking on-line but we think our route will be

ASIA - OZ and NZ - South America

Has anyone been RTW using this route? Or does anyone have any advice on any of the countries we should visit.

Many thanks and I hope to be able to help others in the future


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As far as Asia is concerned I have only traveled to Thailand. I went to Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Pha Ngan, and Koh Samui. I was there and lived easily off of $20USD a day total (in 2002). Activities, hostel, food, and trasporation. So if you want to play it safe 20-30 USD should be good for thailand.

As far as Australia I was budgeting about $50USD a day and that was fine. I lived in Melbourne for six months and have seen almost all of the coutnry but Ayers rock, so if you need some additional help let me know. Depending on how long you are staying in major cities will determine your budget. I would greatly recommend going to Frasier Island near Brisbane if it is not on you list. Rent a 4x4 and spend a minumum of 3 days.

I would say that you would not need that much more money per day in NZ. Go black water rafting in Waitomo Caves, bay of islands, Lake Taupo, Cormandle penisula, possibly Rotorua, and Wellington on the North Island. South Island: Go to Milford sound for sure.Queenstown is a great town but watch your money, it can fast if you do a lot of activities.

South America: I only went to Cuzco and its surroundings and a day in Lima. I hiked the Inca trail and it was spectacular. I used a company called SAS Travel I would recommend them highly for any tours that you do. Peru was cheap so you should spend more time here. I was told that Bolivia is incredible, so if its not on you list you should look in to it. Hope this helps and if you need more info feel free to contact me. Brent

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Hi this is pretty much the same trip i am planning. From the advice i have been given you should definitely try to stop at one of the pacific islands like tahiti or fiji. I will be going thru thailand, malayasia, singapore but with a side trip into Cambodia to see Angkor Watt. As far as South America goes at least one of you should learn some spanish if you don't know it already as very few people speak even basic english. Countries which the very helpful people on here have advised to visit there are Bolivia (salt flats/very cheap/nice people), Chile (desert/mountains/valprasio), Argentina, Peru and Brazil although it may not be possible to fit all these in. The main thing which i have been trying to decide lately is whether to go westwards or eastwards on this trip. Apparently jet lag is less of a problem when you go westwards and ,from my point of view, it means i can practice my spanish early in trip (worried i will forget most of it if i go to SA at end of my trip ). Anyway i hopes this helps a wee bit (i am pretty new to this myself).

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One thing you should try and do with your trip if you choose that route is from NZ go Auckland-Papeete-Easter Island-Santiago (using a mileage based One World RTW ticket). After that the opportunities are endless, but you should try and make you way down far south to Patagona whilst in South America.

Easter Island is a once in a lifetime place to checkout, and is just mind boggling when you hear about the history that they think they have figured out and what you see when you go around the island.

In Asia, if you made one of your stops as Bangkok, then you can get a cheap Air Asia flight from Bangkok-Hanoi, then travel overland through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and get your way back to Bangkok for you flight out.

That is just the basics of what I would think would be good trying to keep the mileage on your RTW ticket as low as you can to hopefully fit Papeete and Easter Island on there without going over the mileage allowance.

On a continent based oneworld ticket, Auckland-Papeete isn't an option as that airline isn't valid on the continent based, but only the mileage based. Easter Island is also pretty close to impossible to get to (only 1 option I found but I was heading from Europe to South America) and that involves a massive amount of backtracing.

Have a great trip.

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