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I am looking to travel to SA later this year with my wife and was wondering if someone could help me with some weather conditions that I could expect in various places/countries at certain times.

I have read some books etc and got a small idea but I always feel more comfortable if someone shares a recent experience.


Brazil (area Rio and southwards) - November
North Argentina - early December
BA late December/early Jan
Santiago - mid Jan
planning heading down to Patagonia then for a few weeks - end Jan
north Chile early Feb
Bolivia (west) - Feb
Peru - March & April

any help would be great.
if hot/warm/cold an approx temp would be great.

in rainy seasons just how bad does it get?

I have tried to be precise but I realise it's probably still quite a vague query.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

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For most parts of your trip you have chosen the best time, summer, to travel. Especially for Patagonia this is a much better time. Bear in mind that Buenos Aires and surroundings can get very hot in summer, up to 38 degrees Celsius.
And februari-april is the end of the rainy season in Bolivia and Peru, although it shouldn't be that bad. The Uyuni salt flats should be very nice after some rain as well for example. And it's maybe a little less cramped with travelers.
Southern Brazil and Northern Argentina are warm/hot: 30-35, but going down south temperatures drop and if you are unlucky it may be colder than 10 degrees Celcius in for example Ushuaia.
Santiago is not nice in summer, more heavily polluted than Buenos Aires. Northern Chile is nice everytime of year because it almost never rains and the Atacama desert is at an altitude of aprox. 2000-2500 meters, so it's comfortably warm, 25-30. It can still even freeze at night in places like Calama and San Pedro the Atacama. And of course, in the Bolivia Altiplano.
Cuzco is always nice considering temperatures, around 20.
Have fun, Michael.

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Michael, thank you so much for you kind input.
I have tried to plan this trip with the weather in mind.
I will be traveling from Scotland so I don't want to be coming from cold into cold.

Warm is great news.

Again, thanks for your response. It is comforting to know that plans I have are coming together!