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Hi there everybody, we're going to Mallorca in about 3 weeks time, I've been there quite a few times before, but always on package tours. Yes, I know what most or at least a lot of people think when they hear: Mallorca. But I can assure you that Mallorca is an absolutely beautiful island. I love the place, get away from the more touristy areas and it's wonderful.

Well, what I'd like to ask is: has anyone any good advice on where to stay and at a reasonable price, whatever that is? I've mainly been staying in the Palma Bay area and once in Alcudia, but that felt very isolated to me. We're there for 2 weeks and the first week we'd like to stay in the same hotel, my son would like to stay in a nice hotel with a good breakfast buffet, so for his sake, that's what we'd like to do the first week. After that we'll rent a car and then probably just take it from there. Maybe not staying more than two nights in the same place. Will probably be staying close to Palma the last night, any good advice on a hotel in that area, preferably with fridge in the room as I know we'll be buying quite a bit of cheese, sausages and ham to bring back home.

OK, that's enough for now, hope someone will have some advice.


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Hi Sole,

I live in Santa Ponca which is a great resort, busier than Alcudia and better kept than Magaluf and Palma Nova (not hard). I know here there is a self catering apartments called Deya which is used by a lot of Scandinaivians, also up the road from me is a 2star hotel called Playa Golf Apts which is nice, I think it is around 36 is euros a night, the problem you will have is that a lot of places are going to be full as it is the scottish summer holiday period.

Make sure you visit Cala Dór, Porto Colom, Deya and Soller. There is a great drive from Andratx to Soller or vice versa, which takes you all through the mountains in is something else, you can even start up ion Pollenca then right down to Andratx if you want. I am afraid I can really help too much with hotels in these places though.

One Love...

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Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your reply, I do know a bit about St. Ponsa, been there a couple of times, many years ago. I'll definitely check out the places you mention. Been looking at lots of resorts in Alcudia, that still is my son's favourite place - he remembers it from when he was only 4. For what I've sort of promised my son, prices there are at least 900 Euros for a week, 3 people, incl. of breakfast. I'd be willing to pay that, but would definitely not mind finding something even cheaper

It doesn't seem to be a problem finding A place, but THE place is more difficult. Have also been checking various places in Capdepera, still considering that as an option - what is your opinion on Capdepera?

We've decided to stay a couple of days in Soller as well, have found a nice, cheap place which I think I'll book later today.

And the drive down south from Soller, we'll definitely do that, have been talking about it since we booked our tickets back in January!! Have done it, but only once, my first time in Mallorca back in 1987 - think that was one of the reasons why I fell so much in love with the island. Had such a great time, saw beautiful places, met great people and mainly avoided the touristy spots. So have been there about 12 times all in all. Deya I've only driven past, never spent any time there, but will this time, my boyfriend is an artist and he'd love to see if Deya is as artistic as people claim ;)

As for the last nights I think we'll probably be staying either in Porto Pi or Cala Mayor, it's close to Palma and we'll still be right on the beach, a very high priority for my son. Have been following how Cala Mayor went down in the eighties and early nineties and now it seems to be coming up again. Think we'll be able to find something not too bad there at a reasonable price - otherwise Porto Pi and Hotel Horizone or Apts Augusta is an option.

Thank you again so much for taking time to reply, I'll check those places tonight. Have a nice day - hopefully the weather is better in Mallorca than here in Copenhagen. We've had about 2 weeks of rain -been really nasty weather.

Very best regards