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Hello Travellers

Ive been planning my trip for a whyle now and am at the point of booking my flight. Well actually I tried to book my flight but came accross a problem.
I plan to fly to Bangkok with a 2 month visa then travel overland around Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos for two months then to re-enter Thailand to catch a flight to Bali or Malasia to stay for one month then back to Thailand to stay for a month before i fly back home.

Basically to cut a long story short, ill catch a flight to Bangkok then 6 months later fly home from Bangkok. The only thing is apparently i cant get in Thailand without a ticket showing that i plan to leave when my visa runs out. Obviestly I do plan to leave but i am a single traveller and dont know where and my next location will be & want to keep my options open (Im hoping to meet people to travel onwards with so my dont want to be restricted to a timetable)

Im sure there are other people that travel arount these countries in the same situation but what do people do. Is it just a case of booking a bus out of the Thailand and if you make other plans just scrap the tickets? Im so confused and am sure im not the only person that is having this problem!
What do people do? Is there a way around this?
Please help if you can
Jan x

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Hello Jay

Officially, u are supposed to have a ticket, out of Thailand, in order to enter. But they rarely ask to see it, when u enter. Usually the people they ask, to show tickets and proof of how much money they have are people with body piercings and tatoos. If u have these, cover them up and look as conservative and as neat and tidy as possible. Then they probably wont ask to see anything.


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Nothing to worry about.....I have entered thailand abotu six or seven times now both overland and also by plane and have never been asked for anything of the sort.....and I have a bunch of tattoos!

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Thanks guys.
I dont really have any tattoo's, but supposing i did get stopped, what would get me in the country? There must be a way!! Would a copy of my bank statement help? Is there anything else that would help. Or is there really no chanch of them stopping me. Do most people just take the risk?
Jan x

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Hello Jay H

Maybe, if u explain that u do plan to leave, and how, they would let u in, if they do happen to check your ticket.
Yeah, and showing u have enough money, would also help.
But, they really rarely check. It would be very unlucky, for u, if they do.

I heard, when I was there in November, that they turned a bunch of people back, for not having enough money. They were mostly people who were entering Thailand, with the intent to finance themselves by doing things like tatooing and hair weaving etc, on the Khao San road.


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