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my 2 mo trip to NZ`s approaching pretty fast- last questions:

1) assuming my German mobile will also work in NZ, what sim card should I get there, and where do I buy it?

2)is the BBH Club card worth getting it? I will probably get on the stray bus and travel north and south.

thx so much, cheers, Andrea*

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Hi. Your present phone should be fine , provided its not SIM card LOCKED to your present network. Probaly not easy to tell though. A call to home Provider may help . NZ Uses 900 Mhz Band near nationwide and some 1800 in big cities plus 3G in main centres.
In NZ buy a Vodafone NZ SIM Card PrePay Pack .
They have SIM card + NZ number + instructions on use
Its has NZ$ 5 of credit loaded when you register it with Vodafone you get another $10 included . Most plans the credit lasts 12 months except for Super Prepaid which is Shorter . You can change the plan yourself in the voice menu .
Electronics Stores and Vodafone have the SIM Packs for NZ $ 35

have a good trip


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Hi ya, i think with stray don't you camp alot? ? a BBH card is an excellent option if you want to stay in smaller hostels, i loved the BBH card i used it all the time on my recent trip but the trip before that i did kiwi experience and just stayed in the hostels that most of my friends were staying in. But the BBH card is 20 bucks and 10 of that is call card which is quite good. yeah we had voda fone sim cards and if your phone is blocked you can get it unblocked for a few bucks, my b'friend had to get his unblocked and we actually got it done at a butchers, YES a place where they sell meat, i think it was a side line business, so don't worry.. have fun