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hi, i am trying to Schedule an Appointment online. today is the first day of september, but in the vfs system already show no appointment is available. how can i Schedule an Appointment if the first day of the month, the appointment already not available? pls advise.

nobody here know when is the exact date it's gonna open
the person in the center said it might be a week before the month. good luck!;)
u can try to call vfs:


(03) 21649323
0800 - 1500 Hrs
(working days)

My guess only, from previous posts, there is one guy that able to book an appoinment on July 22 (for August appoinment), and myself got the appointment of Sept on Aug 22, you could try on Sept 22 for October appoinment. But there may be appoinment cancelled or rescheduled during this time, check the site daily and you wont miss any.

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1243. Posted by alpooi (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

thanks for reply. i have read throught this foreum. some of them mention about the cover letter. actually what is this about?

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I have some problem during my via application.

I have submitted my application on 22 aug 2008. then i was call for interview on 30 sep 2008....

during the period waiting for interview, i need to go oversea for working. Any idea weather can i get back my passport?


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