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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 6664 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hey all,

Just wanted to give my thumbs up for the brilliant train trip from Bergen to Oslo !! It is quite long (7+ hours), but the scenery is simply stunning and if you need to get from a to b anyway, it has to be the best way to go! It may even be worth going to Bergen just to take the train trip :)

Bergen itself is also well worth the visit for it's charming buildings and streets. We stayed at a very convenient (and i thought reasonably priced for Norway) place called Jacobs apartments - nice having your own cooking equipment, just because food is so expensive here otherwise.

Like I said though, the train trip is a nice thing. If you have a chance to do it anytime soon, you should check for train tickets. They have a current deal called Minipris, which will let you travel from anywhere to anywhere in Norway for the bargain price of 150 KR (about 20 Eur). For a 7 hour train ride, this is an ABSOLUTE bargain. We opted for an upgrade to first class even at that price, taking the total to 450 KR for two people. For such a long trip, it was worth it though I think and complimentary tea and coffe, beautifully reclining seats, a powerpoint for the laptop make it worth the little extra.

There is also another trip called Norway in a Nutshell, which does part of the train trip, then continues on bus partway, then on boat through the Sognefjord (you can get from Bergen to Oslo this way or do it as a round trip from either place). I'm sure this is even more spectacular, but is of course also more expensive. Maybe one day we'll do this also. With Sam settling here, Norway will probably be a regular destination :)

Cheers, Peter

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Hi Peter,

I agree, it is an amazing journey.

I've also done an approximately the nutshell trip (independently, instead of in a proper tour, and with a few detours on it) and can highly recomend it. Possibly even more spectacular than the Bergen - Oslo trip is the short stretch where the nutshell trip splits off the main rail route at Myrdal. A private railway runs from there to Flåm. It only takes about 50minutes, but decends down to the fjord (goes down something like 900metres) twisting and turning down the side of the mountain and is certainly worth doing just for the journey itself. And you can then continue by boat along/across the fjord etc..

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I am thinking of doing the Norway in a Nutshell trip, should I just book when I get to Oslo, or should I book in advance?? I have found all the information a little confusing!

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Whilst the trip is good, i'd recomend doing it yourself (and not part of the tour) simply because it's cheaper to do it on your own, and you have more flexibility. Book it in Oslo as they will know what they are talking about and you also cut out agents fee's

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Hi Helsnz,

Rich's advice sounds good - booking in advance didn't seem necessary to me when we did the Bergen-Oslo trip as there were plenty of seats free. I'm not sure if they are still offering the discount tickets online, but it could save you to book that way - it is easy to then pick up the tickets from an train station in Norway. Basically, when you get to the portion where you select your ticket type, on some there will be the option for a MiniPris ticket (if there's availability) - if you select that the price is seriously a lot less. Hope that helps. It really is a beautiful part of the world and well worth the bother!!

Cheers, Peter