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Hi all,

I have been travelling with my canon DSLR for 18 months now and have only recently started experimenting with filters for it having previously not had a clue what they were for!

I have had some great results with a cicular polarizing filter i just bought and was wondering if any other filters were worthwhile buying. I have a UV filter to just protect the lens when it isnt light, but was wondering what other filters people take with them.

I go to Burma, tibet, nepal and india in two weeks and want to know what equipment i need to get the best shots.

What do yuo normally carry?

Stumpy :)

2. Posted by kevstump (Full Member 123 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Also.....if i were to get a ND filter, would it be worth getting more than one? can you attatch them on top of each other?

also, i have noticed the price of them can vary a there really that much of a difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones. I was looking at hoya....any recommendations?

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yes, you can. should you avoid it ? yes.

I usually only carry a polarizer. Most other filters I can do in photoshop afterwards.

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As Q said - most filtereffects are available in Photoshop (since they just add a change of color saturation in the pictures) or any equivalent - yet Polarizing filters are one of the few ones that cannot be digitally rendered.

If I were you I'd pick up a grey-filter - one that darkens the picture. if you are photographing a sunset/sunrise this filter is very useful - since it gives you the ability to get the right exposure on both land and sky. This could otherwise often be a problem to get right, since it's hard to get them both correctly exposed without a filter that evens them out.