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I am currently studying abroad in Paris, France. My boyfriend and 2 others are coming to visit me March 15th- March 28th. They will be flying into Amsterdam and flying out of Madrid. The plan is to spend the 15th-17th (or 18th depending on train) in Amsterdam, head into Paris from the 18th-22nd and flying over (or train) to Spain on the 22nd-28th.

I have never been to Spain and would like to see if anyone knows the best way of getting around from city to city. We are thinking about going to Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid. The vacation is to accomodate site-seeing as well as a night life. We range in ages 21-25 and are looking for some good fun (and a bit of romance).

Any suggestions regarding inter-Spain travel (cheaper is better)? Also if anyone has any better advice regarding must-see cities would also be great. Im completely clueless about Spain, so any extra help is greatly appreciated!! Anything ranging from travel to hotel stay, etc.

Also...If anyone can offer some better advice about their two week stay in general would help out a lot too!! pretty bad at planning things out for others...HELP!! thank you!!

ps sorry for the long post!

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I would fly into Barcelona from Paris. Check Vueling Airlines. they have a flight from CDG in Paris to Barcelona for 55 euro incl. taxes. Note that if you check ryanair, you will find them flying out of Beauvais, at it will cost you 13 euros by bus to get there from the center of Paris. (and time)

Train to Valencia, and again train to Madrid from Valencia. If you take the right train, you can be in Madrid in about 3 and a half hours (other trains take 2 hours longer, and will make a stop at Cuidad Real).

If you are lookin for cheap, rather than fast, than take a look at busses. Any Spanish city has at least one huge busstation. There are a million of buscompanies, so you have to find out which one you need.

  • * Personaly I would skip Valencia, because you don't have so much time, and spend the time in Barcelona and Madrid. From Madrid it is very easy to do a daytrip to Toledo and/or Segovia. (by bus or train).

if you do take on Valencia, it would also be possible to fly into Valencia from Paris (40/45 euro), train to Barcelona, and again train or fly to Madrid. (the options of flying Valencia-Madrid are limited). **

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3 cities in 6 days is maybe too tight. If you want to do so, forget about trains or buses and just fly. To me Seville is a more appealing city than Valencia, more 'spanish'.

Another option could be: Paris-Seville-Barcelona-Madrid

Paris-Seville..............Clickair (Iberia low cost): 45 €
Seville-Barcelona.......Clickair or Vueling : 20-25 €
Barcelona-Madrid...... Vueling : 30 €

Check the sites above and try different combinations.

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Once you've got to Barcelona airport, take a taxi to the Costa Brava resort of Tossa de mar, otherwise you will miss the best of Catalunya. The Romans left their mark on this little known fishing village. A fortified 11C with many historical remains. A wonderful museum with serious works of art inc, Marc Chargall. Best of all are the local restaurants, fresh produce and not at Barcelona's prices. Try for activities on offer. Not to be missed.

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If you had more time I would suggest the trains, that is how I got around when I was in Spain. But since you don't have alot of time I would fly to each city. Barcelona and Madrid are both great and there is a lot to see in both cities. I've never been to Valencia, but you would be able to see more and enjoy the trip better if you only do 2 cities so that you won't be so rushed to get to the next place.