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So Ive eventually handed in my notice, nearly booked my tickets, answered most of my questions.. but have one query.. I land in Cairns on my own late Feb, and will travel down towards Sydney.. how long on average would this take.. taking into mind, Ive no time limit and want to take in everything possible ..I'm giving it about two months to travel down, but have a feeling its too long..? Also does anyone have any suggestions on arrival packages..? Are they worth it or are you better off doing it as you go... If anyone is travelling same route same time let me know, would be nice to share the experience!

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Hi ya,

Well done for taking the plunge. Well there is no right answer for this one it really depends on what you want to do and see and how long you want to spend in one place. Two months is a long time but you could end up spending a month somewhere, there are lots of fantastic things to see along the coast and you have to go out to the islands along the way, Maggie, great keppel, whitsundays, stradbroke etc etc, on the transport side of things, you could always bum a lift from someone from place to place or just jump on the greyhound or mccaffs, don't fret or worry too much about it, all will come together when you arrive. Have a great trip you lucky ducky

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About 15 years ago when I was still a kid, my parents did a 4 and a half month trip right around Australia with a campervan, taking in most the sites everywhere in all states and territories, but not at a relaxed pace at all for the most part. Doing it by public transport or hitch hiking would undoubtedly take a considerable amount more time.

In two months you could well and truly do the Cairns-Sydney route, and could do plenty more if you didn't spends weeks at a time in a place. With your situation, it'd probably be good to do it as you go, because usually organised stuff shows you most things, but usually gives you very little time to do anything properly. At least if you did it as you went, you might get to cairns and find you fall in love with the place and want to spend a month there. Then you might go to some of the Whitsunday Islands and love them a lot and spend a long time going to them all. That would be very expensive but very great. If you found it was too long, then you could get to Sydney and make your way to Melbourne which is a pretty cool place and much better than Sydney (In My Opinion). You don't want to spend too long in Sydney, because depsite the fact it is where everyone sees when the see Australia advertised overseas, it only has a few good sites but the rest aren't that good and can be found far better elsewhere in Australia usually at a much cheaper price.

Have a great trip.

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