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Does anyone know of any agencys/companys in London or (UK) that will do an assesment with you to see if you score enough points for the skilled migration visa (the one I did on -line did not help at all.) to stay in Oz with teh 100points.

...Or any companies in London (UK) where you can speak to a person about the best way to get a sponsership and the paperwork etc that needs to be done. I would like to get all this sorted before I just leave for Oz on a 1 yr visa, as the last thing I want is to end up back in this country after 1 year!!


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i dont know any of the top of my head...and some agents that i heard of charge for an assessment. unless you are really considering then its worth the fee....actually its not worth the fee but it has to be done.

to be honest i personally think its a gimmick the assessment charge, only because some goon from the government can still say that you dont have the sure there are freebies out there or they do all inclusive...

try because i have done business with them before and have been very helpful

and analysed my cv and background and said i qualified (free assessment) but they may charge higher fees, i dont know. these are only two places that i know of. ive done small business with them and they were good, but dont quote me on that.

Lets assess yourself. You got x amount of years in a particular field? A skilled field? An area were there is a shortage of skilled workers? You got more than a few years experience, under 30, possible 3rd level qualification, been to Australia before,

Hmmm I think if you can answer to yes to the above questions then you got a good chance! But I am no expert!

Im in a similar situation as yourself. I am heading out on a 1 year working visa. If I like then I apply for a skilled migrant visa which I should get without a problem.

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(Hi Oslaue),

Sorry to say this but if i were you, i would stay as far away from visa First as you can, i have heard more Horror stories about them than i have any other company in the world!

I was at a show in Dublin last year speaking to a company called Australian Visa Specialists, they do free assessments for migration, don’t know if it will help (and the are registered migration agents unlike visa first)

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Hi there,
I have personally used Visa First for a 1 year working holiday visa and to extend this working holiday for another year. I have found them to be very helpful and have no issues what so ever, as far as I know they are the biggest agent dealing with Australian Visas and i was recommended to use them by my travel no complaints this end!!

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oh forgot to tell you that when I was extending my visa over in oz I went to the Visa first office in Sydney as far as i know they can organize your oz sponsorship from there too!

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So would you recommend just asking for a visa and that's it?? Is this possible or do they not let you get that by itself? If they much should this cost for a skilled migration visa?