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Hi guys,

I am going to spend quite a bit of time in SA later this year/early next year. 2 of the countries I will visit are Argentina and Chile.

I am having a few issues trying to logically link up a few places of notable interest.

Before Argentina I will be in Brazil and possibly Uruguay.
After Chile I will be going to Bolivia.

I want to visit (fairly happy in a bus no matter how long it takes) BA, Bariloche, Mendoza, Cordoba, Santiago, Puerto Montt and Torres del Paine.

Would this be a logical route ....

BA - Bariloche - Puerto Montt - TDP - Santiago (maybe fly that bit) - Mendoza - Cordoba

My concern is the crossings between Argentina and Chile and where it is easy. The time of the year would likely be January.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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.... and from Cordoba I need to get to north Chile before heading up to Bolivia.

I need to know if that is quite viable.


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Hi Richard,

I don't know how much time you have, but the following may make a more logical roundtrip:

BsAs - Bariloche - TdP - Pto Montt - Santiago - Mendoza - Cordoba - Bolivia.

The problem is getting from Bariloche to TdP; from there (well, from Pto Natales), you could take the ferry to Pto Montt, which is very recommendable. Bariloche - TdP can be done the hard way via ruta 40 and El Calafate (the national park around mount Fitz Roy (el Chaltén area) is splendid), or the easier way, via the Argentinian east coast.

The problem with ruta 40 is the lack of busses; unless that recently changed, I guess that travelling south that way is either time-consuming or expensive, or both.

good luck, contact me if you have further questions

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cheers for the swift rply.
I was rather hoping you would reply bentivogli as you seem very well educated on the routes etc.

Time is not a huge issue for me at all.

We plan to be in SA for a total of 6 months.

I am trying not to plan it all as I like to go with the flow but having a logical way to get around makes sense as I don't want to double up unnecessarily on travel expenses.

Taking the ferry has always been a major plan and perhaps the only part of the trip that I would do an organised tour on depending on where we come in from and the exact timings etc.

All was well with the schedule until I read about Bariloche! It seems like a magical place and takes us off route somewhat.

Is it worth the detour that far south in Argentina? Is there anywhere else similar but further north.

I read that it has everything ... hiking, cycling, chocolate , kayaking etc etc.

I guess I may be becoming a victim of trying to fit everything in when it simply isn't always possible!

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Bariloche is a very good place to do many things.
and yes,there is chocolade everywhere.big shops selling nothing as choc.and home made marmelade.
paradise for "sweet"people.

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Actually, if I may, I would suggest the following route if time isn't really a problem.
After Brazil, visit Iguazu Falls, south to Uruguay and BA. After this, just head straight south to Peninsula Valdez and south to Tierra del Fuego/Ushuaia.
Up north to Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and TDP. Further north to Perito Moreno/Fitzroy area. Back to Puerto Natales and the boat to Puerto Montt, maybe visiting Chiloe from there.
Go north to the Vulcano district and Lake district, crossing back into Argentina to Bariloche (by the way, many people I've met did find Bariloche a little bit dissapointing). Then north to Mendoza. If you want go to Santiago and Valparaiso from here and back to Mendoza again. Up north to the Salta region. From there take a bus to San Pedro de Atacama and visit the northern region of Chile before crossing into Bolivia and on to Peru.

Of course, this would be how I would do it...I just love these countries and I guess I am a little bit jealous...;)

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yes, so many options and I enjoy hearing different views all the time so please keep them coming.
When I say time is not a problem I don't mean endless but I have a month or so (more if need be) for this part of my journey.
I want to have time to enjoy everywhere I go. I do not like to rush. You spend so long planning you don't want to be chasing the next bus and location.

thanks for the input.

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Personally, I hated Bariloche; it's about as ugly a skiing town as you've ever seen. The lake district of which it is the main town is splendid, though, so in the end it's well worth a visit. Just stay in Bariloche for as short a time as possible :)

The alternative mentioned by Utrecht, esp. the part about crossing the Andes at the Bariloche altitude and then travel up north through Argentina to Mendoza, then cross again into Chile for a visit to Santiago, is indeed a bit more logical. The downside of it, though, is that you miss both Perito Moreno and the ruta 40, which besides being a hassle is wonderful.

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I should read more carefully... no, the outdoor possibilities offered by Patagonia (of which Bariloche is the northern-most part) are quite unique, and not found elsewhere in Argentina. But cycling you could also do in the northern deserts, even though the views are slightly less spectacular. Kayaking will be a bit of a problem :)

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I recently did a kayaking course and enjoyed it very much.
To do some kayaking in such beautiful surroundings would be truely amazing.