Anyone heard or done SWAP?

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1. Posted by bavgal (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I was looking on the internet for ways to work in Europe and came across this "SWAP" website.

Has anyone had experience with this?



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Hi there,

I haven't done it or known anyone who's done it, but I've been doing a lot of reading about it (was contemplating it at another time). I know that TravelCuts (it's a travel agency sorta thing that I believe is run by the Canadian Federation of Students) tend to have a lot of informatino about it....either they organize it, or they're 'related' to those who do...anyway, they often have information sessions, at least here in Halifax, and I'm sure at other centres across Canada. So maybe contact them, and try to find a session that you could attend...good luck!! It does look like a lot of fun...


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I personally have not done it but my friend did it last year. If you go to TravelCuts, they will have a SWAP pamphlet listing all the countries you can swap to, how much money you're required to have before leaving, if you need a visa or not, if you can return there for another swap, etc. It's very useful but you should also keep a few other things in mind.

It's helpful to know the language (big obvious) because the type of job you will be looking for will most likely require you to know the native language. Also, just as I said, you will be looking for your job. It's not absolutely guaranteed you will get one, but SWAP can help you out (if I'm not mistaken). Also, that's why you're required to have a certain amount of money before you SWAP. It's to cover your living expenses while you are looking for a job (if you get there and you don't find one right away). As far as I know, France is the cheapest place to SWAP to (I don't know if this changes from city to city in Canada but this was from Mtl). You can SWAP from 2 months to 1 year in certain places.

I think you've chosen a good path to follow. SWAP is a good experience for all! And if you swap to anywhere in Europe, you can go on so many weekend trips! Not that you can't elsewhere, but I'm just saying Europe would probably allow you to take those trips for cheaper. Good luck!


P.S. I suggest contacting others who will be SWAPping (once you've signed up for it) and try to get an appartment together before you guys leave.