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1. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5673 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I heard there was a big power cut in Melbourne and large parts of Victoria a couple of days ago. Anyone experienced this? What exactly was the problem?

Also, how bad are the droughts this year? I've been reading a lot about it. Just interested because I will arrive in Melbourne in a couple of months.

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Hi ya, Melbourne is pretty big, do not panic! I am not trying to be funny but it is easy to get yourself worked up when you hear stories about somewhere you're heading to, especially as it's miles away! I did it too ! I don't actually know about the powercuts to tell you, you could maybe look on the internet or ask the person who booked your trip about the particular place you are staying. They are having a really bad drought year due to all the global warming etc. There are bush fires galore and there are quite a lot of water restrictions BUT bush fires - you are safe in Melbourne ! The droughts are just an Oz problem they have to unfortunately deal with due to their extreme heat etc, so maybe you can do your bit and have speedy showers! Otherwise, have fun and don't fret!
Em xx

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I'm a melbournian myself, and for anyone with plans to travel here and has concerns about these things I can tell you what's going on at the moment...
The powercut was caused by the bushfires, but it only knocked out about half of the city I think- and it only lasted a few hours. (I can't believe you heard about that from so far away!)
As for the bushfires themselves, they're mostly all out now. I've only heard of a few grass fires and stuff lately.
Yes, we have pretty strict water rectrictions in place at the moment, but I honestly can't recall how long it's been since we didn't! Oz is like that though- drought is just natural to us.
I hope that helps a bit. I really hope your trip goes well and you enjoy it down here!

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