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Ok, I'm leaving for Asia in mid-August. We are going to be going for a full year. We will be travelling to India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and China. We will be travelling 3rd class on rails, busses, and staying in the cheapest guest houses. Also, I won't be buying anything or eating expensive meals. We will be travelling around the interior of china for around 5 months, 3 months all around India, and about 4 months in SE Asia. But we will be moving around ALOT, not staying in one place for more than a few days. I have 7000 U.S. dollars (plus airfare) already saved, and my thinking is that if I'm careful, this should be enough. What do you guys think?, any advice would be great.

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Well by Rs 45. per $ you end up with Rs 26,000 pm average for India which should be FAR TOO MUCH actually. You can travel in AC 3 Tier and stay in quite decent places.

I don't know about SE Asia but for China this should come out to be same


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hi there.
Yes you can travel india in that budget.Normally the bigcities in North,west are little expensive.if you travel to east,south and the hills are cheaper places.
My place is eastern India puri konark beach towns,And yes I provide staying for intersreting bacpackers at a very low price too in decent cottages.
wishing miles of smiles in India.

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Hello Kam30en,

Your $7000 comes out to be Rs. 3,22,000. Hence per month is about Rs 26,000. Rs 26 k per month is more than enough for india.
Recently my friends from Europe visited me and he travelled for 1 month in Himalayas and North India. This costed him 400 Euros = Rs 19,000 (excluding Air Fare) . In this Rs 20,000 he has even bought some clothes and a pair of trekking shoe. He travelled in First class AC train. but he saved the hotel fare by staying in cheap hotels. So i think in your budget of Rs. 26,00 per month you can live a adventurous as well as Royal life. Also there is no 3rd class in Indian trains. The last one is 2nd class sleeper. I am sure you will enjoy stay in India. Dont forget to go to Himalayas. We can meet up in New Delhi at my home. Good Luck ....