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Me and a friend (hopefully!) are going to Thailand - Island hopping at the beginning of May (flying Heathrow - Kula Lumpa - Phuket) we are hoping to spend a few days in Phuket, then onto the islands, evenutually working down to Phi Phi that sort of way.

I have been on several websites that contradict each other regarding rain fall, general daily cloud coverage (lack of sun).

From what I understand in May / June there is sometimes rain - how long will the downpours last?

Is it sunny during the day - obviously it will be cloudy when it rains, but does that soon pass?

Would you reccomend going island hopping during these months?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Davestag

I think it is OK, to go island hopping in May and June.
I will also be in South Thailand, this May and June.
It will be the rainy season, and it will rain. However, it is not as bad as many think. There will be plenty of sun and heat. Sometimes if a place is rainy, another place a few KM away will be dry and sunny. So u can avoid a lot of the rain, if u want.


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Hi Dave,

I don't think you'll have too much of a problem as long as you spend most of the time on land. I was there at the end of May last year and although the rain wasn't too much of a problem, the seas did get REALLY choppy and a lot of the boats that were there the weeks beforehand were no longer running as it was too risky. You'll be alright - just be prepared for some choppy boat trips!

Phi Phi is absolutely beautiful - I guarantee you will be there longer than you plan :-)



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Cheers TP wally cde6871448...

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