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hi guys,

i hope you could help me sort things.

my aunt & i will travel heraklion for 3 days. from may 30-june 1. we have another flight to athens on june 02 and will stay there early morning of june 4..coz we got another flight to rome.

everything is booked (flights and accomodation).btw, it's a budget trip. we would like to visit santorini for a one-day excursion..and what troubles me now is that i still dont find something in the net for a short excursion (1 day on may 31, 2007 to santorini).i called 4 travel agencies in greece to no avail.

pls suggest's kind of hectic schedule.


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I was there in June 2005. If you found a flight there and back, you could do a day tour, but in my view with just one day and not even a complete day it would be a waste to go there for such an expense. I got a flight which departed Athens at about 6.05am, and when I got to Santorini I immediately went to a hostel down near Perissa Beach. After I dropped my stuff off, I booked a full day tour which took me right around the island and was pretty good. It cost 30 Euro, but was a really full day seeing the departure time wasn't until a bit late. It left at 10.30am I think from memory, but it might have been a little earlier I didn't write the time in my diary. The last bit of the tour was a boat trip up to Oia at the far end of the island to see a spectacular sunset. Then at about 8.45pm I got a bus back to Perissa Beach area where the hostel was located. The same people also had a half day tour which did exactly the same thing just didn't go for the last bit to see the sunset at Oia, which cut a couple of hours off the trip. If a flight left Santorini in the very late evening to Athens you might be able to do a day trip. Really it would be so rushed that it would be hard to enjoy properly in just one day.

That tour I mentioned was booked through my hostel, but in the town centre in Fira I saw some travel agents that also booked the same tour, so it would be possible to do it there as well. If you had luggage on your day trip, I did find a place in Fira which had lugagge storage for 2 Euros a person (the information centre). This was in 2005, so it may not have luggage storage and if it does it may be more as the tour probably will be.

I guess if you had no luck with a tour you could always just walk around Fira and go down the 587 steps that are covered in donkey crap (which on a 35C day is very smelly!) to the old port and catch the cable car up (3.50 Euro) and walk about. You could also get buses to the Excavasion site of Akrotiri which was interestingand that bus took you through lots of the island for only 1.60 Euro. I had a flight out late at night I think it was about 10.00pm (that was a few days after I arrived). So maybe if you got a very early flight arrival time and then a very late departure time you might get enough in your day but you'd still need to only do the half day tour as you'd get back too late on an 8.45pm bus from Oia.

I got pretty cheap fares booking a long way in advance looking on and just finding the Santorini link through the Greece country section.

I have just checked and on Aegean Air you could get a flight from Athens to Santorini at 5.55am very cheaply and the latest departure on your date appears to be 8.20pm and that flight is a little on the more expensive side. If you'd be needing to get from Heraklion-Santorini, I am not sure on how you'd go as not flights seem to exist on Aegean Air doing that route.

Have a great trip.

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it's really hard to make one day trip from Athens to Santorini. The only way is by plane; the most expensive way. Around 200 euros return ticket per person. Consider to do that from Heraklion Creta if you have the time. Half time half money. Use hydrofoil fast boat to get Santorini from Heraklion or small local planes operational only in summers.
Hope you can do that because Santorini is a unique place and worths the value:)