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Hey, I'm plannin a a trip to oz just wondered if other people were heading out alone? I have had people say this is the best idea coz u meet loads of people along the way. Are other people going with friends? If you are looking for a travelling buddy, even just for the 1st couple of weeks, then let me know...looking at going out August time, but I'm pretty flexiable

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I'm heading off to Australia by myself in two weeks time really scared but know you meet so many people out there and actually majority of people you will meet in the hostels are travelling by themselves. Travelling by yourself means you can do exactly what you wanna do as well, best way I'd say!! :)

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Yes completely agree with Katie, it's the best way to meet other people. Next time I go travelling I will be solo - it's nice going with friends but you meet sooooooooo many more people when you're on your own - because you have to. I like that!

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You'll meet loads of great people staying at hostels. It is way better to travel alone than travelling with friends, because that is an easy way to get sick of each others company and ruin friendships more often than not. At least travelling by yourself and meeting people at hostels, well you are sure that if you grow to dislike the persons company you don't have to be with them your entire trip ruining the experience for you. Have a great trip and good luck with finding someone, but if you don't don't worry you'll catch up with loads of people on the way.

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Hey, I totally agree but maybe thats cos im also going alone and im heading to Oz in August aswell! Hoping to come home via S.America for a month or two, but basically spending the majority of my year in Oz... better think of what to do out there!
I travelled last year for 10wks with a friend and we got on great but going alone this time cos no one has the money or even wants to go... they all wanna grow up whereas I just wanna feck around different countries for a while!!
I totally have nothing planned yet as only came back from the travel shop today but will get my ass in gear asap! If your still looking for a travelling buddy for a few weeks in OZ... meet ya there :) I'll be in the bar! Good luck!

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i was wondering about this too!

i had planned to go in may, but my friend has let me down and ive already handed in a career break from work n told everyone so i would still like to go so looks like ill have to go alone!

the thought of going alone kinda scares me though so wouldnt mind meeting up with someone along the way! just worried ill go out and not find a job and be kinda stuck on my own thinking what the hell am i doing here lol

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I'm planning on heading out in the middle of April by myself so it's really good to hear from other people who are going out there alone! Anyone else planning on going around April time? I haven't booked my flights yet and I keep putting it off...think I'd better do it this week or I'll never go! :)

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Don't worry about a thing! I have just come back from going on my own, I'm 20! Best time of my life. Before I was doing what you are doing but trust me, get on that plane and your adventure will never end...until the return flight but don't think about that yet! Don't restrict yourself to someones company from a website, i guarantee you will meet people straight away and continue to the whole time. You don't even have time to speak to some of them again even though you could be the best of mates! Enjoy it hun and feel free to ask me any questions.
Manda x

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heya,im travellin alone too -september this year, but starting with a company called Oz Intro - for my first week in Sydney, they organise your first weeks accomodation and you do lots of group activities, so i'm hoping to make friends the first week, but check out the website -it is £400 for everything but they sort out ya bank account, visa and lots of other stuff too.

Happy travellin!
Ashleigh xxxx

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I'm 27 and after spending about 7 months travelling with my friends I came to Sydney on my own to live and work. I was sooo nervous about coming here on my own and not knowing anyone. I have had the best time ever and met some great friends. Had crazy times and fabulous memories...

I think the place I stayed was great help. It's kind of a hostel but geared at long term stayers so there's LOADS of people travelling alone and it's really easy to mix and meet people there. Almost all my friends are on their own too and I've even got some travelling buddies now too. It's Rooftop Travellers Lodge in Glebe Has all you need and it's close to the city too. People travelling alone should check it out if you're planning on staying in Sydney for a couple of months.