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1. Posted by CrusinArou (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey there,

You got a first time traveler here, 28 male from melb Australia, kinda sic of the rat race 9 to 5 thang, due for long service leave (paid to take a holiday sweet:), recently single, luv the beach, adventure, .........anyways was hoping to make a few friends/buddys for travelin in thailand, i am headin there around end of febuary probably by myself as a mate is procrastinating so i dont think he will come!
any1 out there headed to thailand around same time (or there already)? email me for a chat! need some tips on where to go what to do sorta thing? mates have told me to go koh samui, phi phi, full moon party koh phangan......... but i would like other peoples opinions as they (mates) are known to party hard and although i luv a good party there is heaps more to traveling like soaking in the scenery, diving, treking so on.......
so feel free to email me!

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Don't worry about meeting people. There are lots of solo travellers out there to meet up with. In fact it'll be hard not to meet people. Thailand has got to be the best place for a solo guy to travel in.

The Islands you mentioned are all good, but I would say that if you want diving and less of a party, then consider Ko Tao. Also, don't spend all your time in the South on the beach. The North has tons to see. Chaing Mai is popular for temples, treking and culture. There's lots of ancient temple sights as well, like Soukithai and Ayathaya that are worth checking out. Kanchanaburi is also great and worth a stop. And if you have time, like more than a month, I would consider heading into cambodia for a week or so to see Angkor, or heading into Laos for a bit.

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Hello CrusinArou

28!!!! Well, about time u started travelling.
When u get to Bangkok, go to the khao San Road, since u seem like the sociable type.
The place is full of everything, that will ease a traveller gently into travel in Asia. Lots of other travellers hanging out there, lots of good price guesthouses, and fancier ones too. And a hoard of bars and cafes, where u are sure to meet people.
Here is a link, in case u want to prebook a room, but there is no need. There are usually lots available, if u just walk around.

The only place on your list, that i recommend that u dont go is Koh Samui. I was there, last November. In my opinion, it is no longer hippy heaven.

In case u dont know, there are a number of good travel books, aimed especially at backpackers. They have books for almost every county, in the world and are available in most book shops, around the world. They cost around 25 euros each. Worth spending the money on, because of the information they provide.
They are
Lonely Planet
On a Shoestring
Rough Guide
Lets go


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now there is a first...someone not recommending to go to 'Koh Samui'

for a fact anyone who goes to thailand first thing they ask is 'Koh Samui' what is koh samui like? never been there myself i am going in april but everyone has told me to check it out but only for a few days...apparently lots to do and see down that way...but expensive naturally for thailand...not for a tourist:)

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Yeah, Koh Samui is past its best.

One part is full of sleeze and tourist tat. Another is full of those awful health farms. And it has become difficult and expensive, to get around the island.


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Thanks for the reply,
yeh a few mates have said the same thing (that i will meet heaps of people there) im just so excited i cant wait! gonna study up on thailand......theres a really good web site called
where people keep a diary/journal of there travels, heaps of good info i cant stop readin them!

Thanks again

Julez K