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Hey there I was wondering if anyone could help me out with getting from rio de janerio to lima peru, the cheapest plane ticket i can find is 600+ dollars. I would like to fly but am willing to bus it if need be. I am only worried about bus travel because of the lenght, i have heard it can be up to a 10 day bus ride, is this right? any advice/ experiance about airfare or bus travel would really help! I am planning on leaving rio at the end of feb.

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10 days for Rio-Lima sounds about right; if you rush it, it could be a wee bit shorter than that. But, at the risk of repeating myself (oops, I just did), one should adapt one's itinerary to the time one has available. If you can't spare those 10 days, don't travel that far.

The most likely routes would be either through Bolivia (train Corumbà - Santa Cruz de la Sierra), then up north, or through Manaus, from where you can take a boat to Iquitos, Peru. Both are adventurous (well, kinda), but recommendable. And either offers a more satisfactory experience than just flying from one so-called 'highlight' to the other.

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thanks for your advice, I ended up doing some more searching and was able to find a site that searches all of the various airline companies in South America and come up with the best offer. I found a ticket for 400usd through aerolina argentina, where their actual website quoted me a 800usd ticket, so thought I would let people know that this is a really good spot to find cheap plane tix in SA. The company is called one travel! Good luck all!

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When I was in Rio, I met a guy who lived in Lima and had a life long dream to come to Rio. He had done it on bus, and I think he said it was 7 days straight on the bus with basically only toilet breaks, refueling and food breaks along the way. He thought it was a really interesting journey, but very long and tiring as would be expected spending that many days straight on a bus. I could not imagine spending that long on a bus in one long hit it would be nightmarish. He said how going through Bolivia the bus got this red dust all through it and all over everyones luggage underneath. He also said he travelled the whole distance on $20US (not including the bus fare which I think was a couple of hundred dollars US).

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