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I am thinking of taking my family for a European vacation in June of this year. I will fly from USA to London, Heathrow and then travel from there.
My itinerary is for 2 weeks and want to cover the following:

- London (windsor castle, trafalgar, catamaran on thames etc)
- Paris (eifel tower visit)
- Zurich (lake lucern boat ride, mt.pilatos etc)
- Venice (gondola ride)
- Germany (cruise on Rhine river)

Never been to Europe before - so I need as much help as possible.
thanks in advance!

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For your flights inside Europe, I higly recommend this site:
There you can book flights on Low Cost Airlines.
I have found tickets Paris-Milano for $1. (check the deal finder feature). Of course, you have to add taxes, but you can find a one-way for a total of less than $20.
In Paris, you have to visit the not-too touristic "place des vosges". Go there on a Sunday, and wander around the area (le marais).
With the kids, go to the "musee de la decouverte". It's a fun museum of "discovery".
Have Fun!

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Wow,that.s a tight scedule to fly and sightseeing 5 ! countrys in only 2weeks, even in Europa!
Dont forgett the time you spend to go to the aireports, you have to check in up to 2-3 hours before your departer try to get the earliest
flights in the morning and the last ones at night to gain the most time of the day to see something of the places you like to visit...
With family?that means to me children?How old ?that means also to take care of,dont forgett the jetlag!and climat change.
have a good time in Europa,

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I agree with Marlis that 2 weeks is not nearly enough time for Europe.

In this time you could see London and Paris and maybe Venice too, but you would be really pushing it.

I suggest that you pick a place you really want to see aside from London and go and visit there.

You could do either:

- Paris
- Pisa, Florence and Venice
- Rome, Venice

If you want to see Switzerland and Germany, it makes more sense to fly into Frankfurt am Main and then do a roundtrip in the area.

If I was you, I would personally fly into London, spent a few days there, then take the Eurostar to Paris. From Paris fly to Venice for a day, then back to London. is a good search engine for cheap flights.

BTW, if your kids are younger, I would forgo Venice in favour of EuroDisney. Less stressful travelwise and more fun for the kids.

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Just really to echo that's far too much to cover in 2 weeks. I would allow a minimum of 4 nights to do the main sights of London. For example the Tower of London is a good day to do properly on it's own.

Paris is a good option to do as a second base and again its a 4 night minimum. I spent 3 nights there and really did not have enough time to do even the bare minimum. I think someone has mentioned the Eurostar which I do recommend and it is good fun. The other advantage is you get to see some countryside which you would miss on a flight.

approx flight times from London

Paris 45 mins
Zurich 2hr 10
Venice 2hr 25

You need to allow 2 -3 hours checkin and transfers at each end.

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If you are going to go to Italy to see Venice, it would be a crime to not go and see at least Rome as well. Rome is an amazing city in itself. What you are talking about would be as rediculous as going to Cairo and not going out to Giza to see the pyramids. I personally think you should drop at least one of those places to spend some more time in somewhere like Italy. Pisa is a complete waste of time so I wouldn't bother with that, but Venice, Florence and especially Rome are worth a vist. Rome would require a very minimum of 4 days, but you could spend a week there and not see everything worth seeing if you did it at a relaxed pace. If your kids are young, then Rome, Florence and Venice are probably not such great places as they involve a lot of walking and historical sites.