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Hi, I'm going to New Zealand for 6 weeks in November. I saw that there was an earlier thread on this same topic but about herb in Oz.
So, how easy is it to get hold of any herb in NZ and whats the police situation like? I'm not the biggest toker but I would love to have some for when I do some tramps so that I can really appreciate the scenery and wilderness. But not too keen on hangin around cities/towns/bars trying to score. So does anyone have any tips about which places are easiest? For the record my itenary looks like being Auckland/Coromondel/Bay Of Islands/Rotorua/Taupo/Wellington/Picton/Nelson/Greymouth/Franz Josef/Wanaka/Queenstown/Te Anua/Tekapo/XChurch/Kaikora. I really want some for when I'm in the South Island, so any recommendations in the North Island would be great as I then wouldnt have to worry about it later. Cheers...

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Hey dude, Im from New Zealand.
The herb situation here isn't as relaxed as one might think. The cops will still charge you for holding a small amount, but the charge is considerably less if it is declared for personal use. It is pretty freely available, but you just need to know the right people. People in New Zealand dont really hang around nightclubs/bars or streetcorners selling drugs, but it is more sold privately.
But, more than likely you will meet someone who will know where to get it.
Hope this helps, Luke :)

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Also, be aware that as a visitor in NZ you will likely be deported if charged/convicted of possession and you won't be allowed back. Other countries might not want you visiting them with a drug conviction either.

This is all if you get caught of course (and not a professional legal opinion either!)

Another point - NZ has fairly strict rules about where you're allowed to smoke etc and you might find that on DOC walks/tracks you will get in trouble just for lighting up .. ie you probably won't want to draw attention to yourself!

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Hey thanks for the replies.
Guess I will have to just get to know some locals so in that respect its no different to the UK.
Yes I am aware that NZ has strict rules on where you can smoke. I wasnt so much thinking of smoking on main tramps like the Routebourne or Abel Tasman (both of which I plan to do) as I just want to enjoy the walking, but rather on shorter one day tramps to more less walked places. After all I'm looking forward to NZ for the space and wilderness - to get away from the crowds. But I will take on your advice. Cheers.

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As far as I am aware, having a drug conviction would probably stop the US and Australia from issuing you with an entry visa, and the same may apply to other countries such as Japan.
Stick to Longbottom Leaf.
It didn't do Merry and Pippin any discernible harm, although it stunted their growth.
The scenery and wilderness in NZ is magnificent and should give you a natural high anyway.

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You wony need drugs to enjoy! just insect repellent!! esp. the west coast of South island!! and esp. in summer!!