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ok so as i just found out, due to my study abroad program, i have three weeks off of school in February!!! This is good news, so i have planned an itinerary to travel and would love your advice to see that i spend my time and money wisely...

im based in Paris, France and I am planning on visiting Munich, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Munich: i have family there, and since the train is about 10 hours i was thinking of flying. Accomodations are free so the travel is the only question.

Salzburg: Possible a day trip from Munich to Salzberg withthe fam by train, and then they may drop me there to move foward.

Switzerland: i WANT TO SPEND A FEW DAYS HERE, this will be the highlight of my trip...I want to see Zurich, and ive heard many other cities are wonderfull, what are DEFINITLY worth seeing? And also, i heard theres a way i can travel up the mountain by train? Any info? Lastely, what is the best method of travel from city to city??

Italy: i have a friend in Rome, but i would also like to see florence and venice...worth it in february? or should i stick with Rome and then see venice and florence in the spring time over a weekend or two??

HERES MY MAIN CONCERN: should i get a eurail pass?? or is it more cost effective to just plan each trip seperatly? I dont really understand how the eurail pass works...if i get a 21 day pass is it unlimited travel within that time?? And if so, how do i book with a pass? and is it flexible in between cities? I just want to make sure it was worth getting a pass for the 3 weeks of travel...
thanks for all the help!!!

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I am not a big fan of traveling by train (I prefer flying), and only use train for smaller trips. (daytrips). But I heard that you can use to calculate what pass is best for your travel.

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I used the eurail pass on my last trip to europe. I had a pass for 4 countries, 10 days of travelling. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Often you have to pay extra charges for reservations. Then, the price of your eurail pass may seem low, but add all the reservation fees, you end up paying way more then you expected. The only reason to take the train would be for environmental concerns... The plane is a lot faster, it saves you time, and even money. Go see on cheap airlines websites, such as easyjet, ryanair, air berlin... It is worth it. You really have to check all your options before purchasing a eurail pass....

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i think it depends what you want to use it for.

I got it for about 2 weeks worth, for 2 zones. this allowed me to get to my uncle in switzerland by eurostar then TGV. I was then able to tour switzerland, making use of not only trains, but also their boats, busses and cable cars all at discounted prices, and i was even able to go across the italian border, a totally separate zone, for free.

this was mostly due to the train guards and ticket offices no knowing what the hell the tickets are and just taking your word for it.

after touring switzerland, i was then able to get the train to my father who lives in the south of france, at an additional cost of £5 for a bed on the night train.

i was able to cross over the spanish border, and the ticket also gave me a 50% reduction on the eurostar to get out of the UK into france.

all this came to about £200 (being a student, 2 zones)

it typically costs me £50 just to get the train from my house to london waterloo. for just 4 times this price i was able to tour most of europe for free,.

in conclusion, from my experience, totally worth it. ill be doing it again this summer, when i go on a mountainbiking tour with some friends.