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hey everyone, im flying out to oz in 14 days, does anyone have any advice for the LONG flight, im flying manchester-frankfurt-singapore-cairns then on the way back sydney-singapore-frankfurt-manchester, im not having any stop overs, just a re-fuel in singapore, Will i get severe jet lag?, also what on board activities should i do to keep me ocupied?, i wish id book a nights stop in singapore but i guess its to late to change it, oplus i havent had my jabs for asia!, any advice would be great thanks

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Singapore is a big city - you shouldn't need any jabs for a stopover there ;)

Why don't you contact your airline and see if you can change your flights? No harm in trying!

Things to do: if your airline has on demand tv/movies you're in luck coz that fills in LOTS of time! Read books, listen to music, do crosswords (buy one of those magazines/books that is just word puzzles or sudoku or something), SLEEP, try not to eat too much or drink any alcohol - it will make your jet lag worse. Drink plenty of water and do the dorky looking exercises to avoid DVT and generally feeling cramped from sitting in a small space for so long :)

Hope that helps! :)

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thank you very much, yes your advice helps alot

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Hi Dave
I flew out and back just before xmas,
manchester, heathrow, hong kong,cairns, going out it was ok, part of the holiday. coming back I flew,
brisbane, cairns, hong kong, francfurt, manchester,
lont time mate ill tell you.
a lot depends on the time you fly. we set of in brisbane at 12 noon, aroung 3 hours to cairns this was ok, cairns to hong kong was about 11 hours but slept a little on the way. we missed our conection back to manchester through no fault of our own and managed to fly home via frankfurt ,,,,god this was about 12/13 hours and shite honest. we slept as much as possible only waking to be force fed food,
sorry mate but this part of the trip is realy boring, all i can say is sleep as much as possible, once home I was not too bad with the jet lag, although it took me the best part of a week to get back to my sleep patern.
good luck mate, honest it is worth the hassle. just do it and take the consiquence everyone reacts differant.
have a great trip.

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P.S. dave.
even now I have done the trip im not sure if a stopover would have helped,,,and at the end of the day I wanted to spend as much time in oz as possible, hence no stop over.