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I don't know if anyone can offer advice but here goes:
I used up my WHV in Oz last year and now I regret that I didn't take a job, which I was offered in my field of study (science), and therefore losing out on a chance of sponsorship. I would love to go back in a year and a half or so and live the life for a while maybe a year or two. But instead of being totally broke backpacking and all that I'd love a professional job there. I have looked at the website and there are some options like the skilled sponsorship visa and that sort of thing. I don't know if I have the right skills and experience, the website dosn't help as much as I'd like. Or is it a case of, it was a once in a life time chance that is now over?
So if anyone out there has been in the situation or knows someone who has I'd appreciate a message. Thanks,

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degree qualified? not a must to have but helps
x amount of years in your field?
under 30?
used up your whv? which = bonus points for you
the field that you work in - is what you do listed on the government website? if yes then excellent

then with the above you might just qualify for a skilled migrant visa!

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Hi, if you do a search online you can find immigration points calculators which will allow you to assess if you have enough points to apply for citizenship. As for skilled trades on the Australian immigration website there is a link to a file with a list of professions which are needed out there. It isnt very clear on the immigration website I know-i ended up looking on a website of a company that help people move over-and therefore I cant comment on the accuracy. I do know the points come from age, qualifications, work experience, finance, level of english, if you have a job offer over there, and what job you do.

Hope that helps

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If you have used up your WHV, or not eligible, but would like to remain in Australia working, study maybe best option.

There are affordable options e.g. from AUD2000 per half year, and if you study 2 years you can apply for residency via points system:

Cheers Andrew

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