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I'm off to Oz for a month in May this year. I'm going with a friend and we've both never been to Oz before. I'm looking for advice on where to go and the best places to go in the short time we have. Our plane arrives in Sydney at the beginning of may, then we plan to spend a couple of days there and then get a flight up to Darwin and drive to the Great Barrier Reef and down the east coast back to Sydney.

Is this achievable in a month?

We're thinking of hiring a van and sleeping at campsites or hostels as we go. People of said it may be better to get busses, but I'd prefer to go at my own pace. I'd like to see as much as I can, but I'd also like to spend time chilling out and not feel to rushed to get to places.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, as this is my first time travelling.

Thanks! :)

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i planned a big part of my trip with peterpans!
They can really help you for an affordable price!
I think this is a lot for just one month....Depends on how fast you want to travel....

My top list includes: diving @ the great barrier reef, fraser island, cape tribulation.....

if you need more specific information feel free to contact me!

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Hey there,
I'm not 100% sure but I reckon the trip from Darwin to Cairns is gonna take you the best part of a week. It'll prob be long driving every day so will prob be best to take 2 nites in some places. The thing I particularly found is that distances might not look much on a map but they are pretty big! If you have a decent map of Australia look at the distance between Townsville & Cairns, that's about a 6 hour drive.

I think to comfortably do the East Coast in a month you're prob better to just fly to Cairns and travel down. Lots of people do the campervan thing and both the van and the bus have their positives. The bus is good cause you get to meet people a little more but at the end of the day, you'll see the same faces all the way along the coast.

I, personally, did it by hire car from Sydney to Surfers and then Bus from Brisbane to Cairns. I liked having the car luggage wise but as I was the only driver I found the bus nice too. You will need to bear in mind too that as you stop to do your Whitsundays sailing trip and Fraser Island that your van will be left parked unused for 6 days or so...

Yeah, the definite highlights of the east coast are Whitsundays Sailing & Diving and Fraser Island. I also loved Byron Bay.

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just been back from sydney this weekend, it was a great trip , one of the top 3 cities i've been to (san francisco and austin) . If you are short on time , the sydney state transit offers a 2 hop on/hop off bus services, the sydney explorer visits 27 stops in the city centre and the bondi beach explorer the outer suburbs and beaches. a harbour cruise is also suggested. note, if you are thinking of a night tour to the observatory you will need to book at least two days in advance, also a recommended visit. hope this helps

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Yes, distances are vast in Oz. It is very good advise to check the scale of your maps. I would also suggest drive Cairns to Sydney or visa versa. Four weeks along the East coast with some zig zagging inland would be comfortable and it may give you extra time in Sydney. There are things to experience around Sydney like the Blue Mountains.

If you do want to visit Darwin and the top end of Northern Territory (NT), you would be best to fly there & back. To do the East Coast & spend about 5-7 days in NT is practical enough if you want to experience that area - Litchfield & Kakadu are great national parks.
My thought is if you plan to spend some time in NT and will be flying, consider Central Australia for say, 4 days instead of Darwin. The centre is unique and well worth a visit (or maybe next time!).
Cheers ;)

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Thanks everyone for your useful help.

We've now changed our plans slightly going by what you've said - we're now thinking of flying into sydney, staying there for a couple of days and then getting a flight to Cairns, hiring a campervan, driving to Brisbane and getting a flight back to Sydney.

I would have liked to drive all the way down the east coast from Cairns to Sydney, but as my friend I'm travelling with is under 21 we're can't find anyone who will rent a camper that she can drive, so I'm going to have to do all the driving. Just doing Cairns to Sydney should make it a little easier to do in a month.

If anyone has any other suggestions or can recommend stops on the way I'd love to hear them! Thanks again.