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Me an my boyfriend are working in camp america this june, when we finish we are going to Miami for 3 weeks then back to New York for a week. We are on a really tight budget and are trying to limit ourselves to $25 a day. We have found accomodation for $15 per night. The hostles are called Jazz on south beach (Miami) and Jaxx on Lennox (New York). We were wondering if anybody had experience or had heard of these places before? Also does anybody know much food is roughly per day? Any suggestions or comments would be really appreciated.


Kirsty and Jamie:)

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I heard about Jazz.. I live in Naples about 2 hours away from Miami. I heard Jazz was disgusting and to never stay there. I don't think I can leave a website on here, but it had awful reviews. Anymore Q's about it here send me a message!

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Thats really dissapointing. I had seen a website and it had some good reviews. It looks like a really nice place to stay aswell. We have both decided against that place now. Thanks for the advice. Is there anywhere that you recomend. We are on a really tight budget and i would feel better if i knew i had somewhere to stay before i went.

Kirsty and Jamie :)

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I just joined travellerspoint and was just looking through the postings and came across yours. The only places I know that would be close to acceptable and that low in cost would be camping in the various national forests and parks. There are hundreds and thousands of them and if you are just in tents they are very cheap. However this will only work if you have transportation to get to them and if you have a tent and/or sleeping equipment. If you have these and are interested look under USA National Parks and Forests camping. I am sure you can find the websites that will take you there.

Kim B.

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hi there...
i live in new york and i must say, $25 a day might be near impossible! food is quite expensive and many attractions are pricey as well...
here are a few inexpensive ideas...

-central park
-metropolitan museum of art (there is a "suggested" donation, but you can just give a few dollars and that is perfectly fine)
-staten island ferry (this ferry is free and it's a great way to see the statue of liberty up close)
-grab some food in chinatown (try the soup dumplings at joey's shanghai)
-eat at shake shack in madison square park (the burgers and shakes are awesome!)
-check out brooklyn brewery in williamsburg (if you go on a saturday you can tour the brewery and they usually give you free samples at the end of the tour)

hope this helps! let me know if you have any other questions!

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its free and you usually meet great people.