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hi there,
i'm thinking of this as an itinerary. what do you think? i will be taking buses and would love to know how long to expect the travel distance (in hours) to be between cities. also, i dont know where is best to go between iguazu and paraty. would florianapolis and then sao paulo be a good choice? thanks!

jan 29 - arrive in buenos aires
feb 6 - rosario
feb 9 - corrientes
feb 12 - iguazu
feb 15 - florianopolis? curitiba?
feb 18 - sao paulo?
feb 20 - paraty
feb 23 - ilha grande
feb 25 - sao paulo
feb 26 - fly out of sao paulo

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you seem to be staying in quite a lot of different places for a trip that is around 4 weeks.
None seem overly far apart however. I will see if I can spot info on bus timings for you in my collection of info I am accumulating.

By bus
Long-distance buses are a convenient, economical, and sometimes (usually if you buy the most expensive ticket), rather comfortable way to travel between regions. Bus terminals in cities play a role akin to train stations in many countries.

Brazil has a very good bus transport system, Basically, long distance routes depart from capital cities or economical centers, so if the city is big it will have connections to neighbouring capitals at the very least. One can expect just about any town to have a bus route to the capital or a regional economic center. Generally speaking bus tickets are bought at bus terminals at the end points or at the scheduled stops along the route. The facility of flagging a bus and hopping on (if there are available seats) is widespread in the country. This is less likely to work along a few routes where armed robberies have happened frequently, such as those leading to the border with Paraguay and to Foz do Iguaçu.

ANTT, the national authority for land transportation, has a search engine (in Portuguese) for all available domestic bus lines.

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ps. I would love it if you could detail your trip details when you come back. I am very interested in Ilha Grande and Paraty.


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rosario is 4 hours away from BA and cost me 39 peso. not much happening there but take the boat accross the river to the beach. iquazu is awesome, argentina side is much better. have stayed in florianopolis ihla grande and paraty. all are very nice places but you could miss some out and stay longer at others. Havent been to Sao Paulo and would suggest missing that and heading for Rio which is only a few hours from Ihla Grande. rio to florianopolis was 16 hrs and cost me 200 pesos.hope this helps?

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As for the Argentinian part, I'd spend less time in Corrientes if I were you. Accommodation is a major problem there, plus it's a fairly small city, a day and a half sufficed for me to see all of it. In Iguazú on the other hand, you may want to have some more time, to see both sides (Br/Ar) of the falls.