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Hi there, i spent 3 months in Brazil, it was fantastic expireinece i`d like to share it if somebody likes to go there i would gladly share information

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I know its not quite 3 months but im going to brazil for two weeks - just to rio (will be there over carnival time). Would love to hear of any experiences you had that we shouldn't miss or things to do? Am jealous...would love to spend longer in brazil and travel further but time restrictions have set us only to one place!
We want to try and do as much as possible in the time, including sights, bit of surfing, sports, thinking about going to buzios? Any info would be amazing, esp on how easy things are to do, the language barrier? Costs, transport?



3. Posted by vanbest (Budding Member 21 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

We want to try and do as much as possible in the time, including sights, bit of surfing, sports, thinking about going to buzios? Any info would be amazing, esp on how easy things are to do, the language barrier? Costs, transport?


I spent 1 week in Rio, during that time I visited all the beaches :)) we were
on car, but there busses going around so its easy, if you know name of the place, for example capacabana just ask bus driver he will tell you when to step off, unfortunatelly english speaking people is rarity in brazil, lets say i had conversation with about 500 different people in Brazil during 3 months, in shops, friends, just casual bar talks, so out of 500 only 8 as i remember spoke english. not at like lets say Holland where from my expirience out of 500 onlu 8 did not speak english
so bus costs 2$R its about 1$ Taxi a bit more expensive from Capacabana to Maracana about 10R$ 5$
So places you want to are beaches, christo redentor; that big jesus statue,
I`m not sure if busses go to christo redentor, and to walk its quite a way, we used a car ourselves. So we went there on saturday and had to stay 1hr 30 min in traffic on a hill just to get there, during carnival i expect it to be impossible to go there by car, since all the tourists it can take you horus till you reach top, what you can do is rent a bike and go up there, or take a taxi or bus till the mountain foot and then just walk up, i dont know for sure about big car lines, but from my expirience just on casual weekend it was impossible to get there, so keep it in mind, so you wont get surprise :)

There is fantastic restaurant i dont remember the name, but they serve all kind of beef there, you pay just 40$US and can eat all you want, waiters walk around with hot meat, different kind, and you can take all you can eat, in your hotel they 100% will know about it, so ask for directions there. This is acctually all i can recal about Rio, we went to a huge shopping center there, but i guess its not what you want to do, and btw i attended Maracana, that stadium is huge, fans are just crazy nice to see, but i spent there only 1 half, 45 min..

And we cooked our food in hotel in microwave, because its quite expensive to eat at capacabana and acctually everywhere else.

Advice, dont talk to Putas, hookers, just walk away from them, and dont carry with you expensive watches, celurars, keep it hidden and if you take picture, look around first for shady charachters, that is important!
especially at capacabana and maracana regions. I was irratated at first when my friends were so concerned about it, looking around first, taking picture fast and hidnig camera, but when we almost got shot in Sao Paulu at 6pm evening when i was playing my mobile in car and light was all around me, it was already dark, so then i changed my mind, Rio is more dangerous than SP, so please watch out ! dont go drunk on streets its all safe, if you follow these, after all its not washington :)

I havent been to Buzious, but there is a place Paresida Igreja, the church of Paresida, its a huge huge church, you can get there only by bus, its prolly 2 hrs from Rio, on holidays 50000 men come there, its really only this there, so go there if you particularry interested in this stuff :)

You can take helicopter for about 300$R 150$US to fly around rio as well.
You can take it not far away from Christo redentor, but again you better ask your hotel, since you need a car to get there.

I hope it helps :) have fun there and if you go to sun you MUST use HIGHEST sun protection oil, they sell those in brazil protection 4 and protection 15, use 15 !!!! i fell asleep in SP Ibira Puera Parc in november, spring time, after 4 hours i woke up, my whole body was red, then all skin fell off, it hurted like hell, and face became 2 times bigger lol, so you have to do it guys, you may not notice it, but brazilian sun as february summer, is just Xray thing. Oh i remember, try caipirinha with cashasa in bar there costs about 12$R i bought caipirinha kit and making it at home
There will enormous amount of merchants on capacabana in the evening, so at first look around ask for prices, but if you dont speak portuguese they will realize you`re a gringo and get a little higher price, but not always. Brazilians are very friendly, extremly friendly, especially in Rio, SP its a business city, and Rio is a romantic city, you feel it in everything, so what i suggest you to do is to make brazilian friends, who speak english and make them show around, i was really amazed by brazilian hospitality when i asked a woman how can i go to a certain place, and she just took me to her car and got me there, one more thing, if you get in trouble, dont resist, just give them everything, dont even consider resisting, they shoot at once. But as i said if you just watch out, nothing gonna happen.

I hope it helped you guys have fun there !!!!!!!

i want to go there myself for carnival, but i cant

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Hi Sophx
Well, in Carnival you'll have plenty to do. During the rest of your stay, there are many interesting things:
- Corcovado Mount, Christ the Redemptor (a train takes you there)
- Sugarloaf Mount (by cablecar "bondinho")
- Paragliding in São Conrado
- Helicopter ride
- Beaches: Copacabana, Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca
- Best beaches for surfing are Prainha and Grumari (Recreio dos Bandeirantes neighbourhood)
- Hippie Fair (in Ipanema it's beautiful)
- There are lots of Shopping Malls, I personally don't like them too much, but Brazilians do and they have miles of stores, mini-restaurantes and cinemas
- There many good restaurantes, those where you eat as much as you can, are called RODIZIOS. Wherever you see that word, you pay a fixed amount of money, only beverages are out of that fare.

Clear your doubts at your hotel or wherever you are staying, try to get to places safely, by bus if you know the way or can ask the drivers and understand their answers, or by taxi (better if you call them and have them pick you up). It' s much better if you stick to the coast, don't venture too much into the city, specially alone, and never at night.
Any doubts, ask. Brazilians are extremely kind, very nice people. Hotel staff, bus drivers, waiters/ress, they are all great. Language is a problem, but in tourist areas there's always some engligh speaker.
Good luck!

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Thank you, that info really helps... I'm quite excited about going now, we fly in two weeks! Think we are gona do the things you guys talked about, eg. statues, sugarlaof, paragliding, beaches - wud like to do a bit of surfing too.
The only worry i have is that we are staying by praia de we were hard pushed to get any chance you wudn't happen to know what this area is like, and how accessible things are?safety? I know so many qu...but haven't been able to read that much about it...we really wanted to stay further south nearer the beaches...and typically... after we booked the hotel in flamengo, we found a really good deal with stone of a beach hostel...but we already paid a deposit...doh!so don't think there is much we can do!

Any furhter info would bew amazing! Its so exciting when u read other peoples travels!...can't wait!