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Hey everyone,

Great site you all got here. I am traveling to Japan in May with some friends . They are only staying a week and I am looking to stay a little longer but I think I want to travel around China for the rest of the time. Anyone know of an inexpensive way to travel around? Maybe rail or boat? I would really like to make it down to Hong Kong but that may be ambitious without plane flight. Also if anyone has anything I need to make sure I do in Japan or on the way to Hong Kong let me know!


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Could you please tell more detailed info about traveling in China, I may give you some info. As when you will come to China,where you want to visit and how long you will stay here.

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If you are heading to Beijing, one of the must do things is do the day hike from Jinshaling-Simatai part of the great wall of china. That is a really nice section to walk along far nicer than the other touristy bits that other tours take you to.

In Japan, if you aren't already planning it a trip to Kyoto as well as a day trip to Nara is a must. Also a thing that will save you a considerable amount of money if you plan on seeing more than a couple of places is getting a JR Pass which has to be got before you enter Japan from any one of many Japanese travel agent places that are authorised to see JR passes for train travel in Japan.

I don't know how much a flight from Japan-China is, but you can get a boat from Osaka in Japan to Shanghai. One ship a week departs on Friday at 12.00 noon and arrives in Shanghai at approximately noon on Sunday. The Seat 61 website says that prices start at $165US one way with an added 10% discount for students, but that is for an enormous amount of people in the room (36). A room with 5 people in it costs about $183US. I am unsure how that compares to flights between China and Japan.

For train travel, you should have a look at
That website will show you loads of stuff on train travel in Japan and also China.

Have a great trip.

Have a great trip.

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Awesome thanks guys I'll look into seat 61. I am trying to get from Tokyo Japan to Hong Kong China in a week preferably without flying. I will be there in the begining of May.

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Although I have not gone myself yet, I am very ambitious that I will make it on my backpack trip from Beijing to HK. And hopefully a short trip to Japan to Shanghai and back in the middle!

Lonely Planet has given me most of the info I know so far.

From Japan to China you can take a ferry. It takes 2 days I think. There is a website for the company (you can google it). You can get the ferry from a few different places in Japan to a few different places in China....

There are many routes you can take from China to HK. There are direct trains from larger cities or you can take smaller trips and make your way down slowly. I really recommend the lonely planet guide for planning.

Hope this is somewhat helpful

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The 1st week of May is a public holiday for both Japan and China, citizens of both countries would use the chance to travel both domestically and internationally. Transport would be booked full for sure in both countries. Book your tickets as soon as you can, or risk getting stuck and having to buy expensive tickets. You have been warned.