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1. Posted by jcmartin69 (Budding Member 26 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I was wondering if anywhere has traveled to the islands on the east coast San Blas islands or any of the other islands that are near there. I was looking for some suggestions on accom and some suggestions for which island is best for a chill on the beach.
Cheers Jamie

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Hi Jamie,
I have been several times at the San Blas Islands(Kuna Yala)
As I know you can book an Eco trip for a few days for San Blas or look for a Sailboot in the aerea.
There are dayly flights to different Islands from Panama City's domestic Airport at Albrook,about $65.00 roundtrip,apr.45min.
The problem is to get accommodation, the Islands are very small and the community will not aloud foreigners over night in theyre village.
Close to Porvenier is a lodge for tourists on a tiny Island.

Also a very nice aerea is Bocas del Toro,1 hour from PC,but also possible to go there by bus and ferry.
At the Pacific Side you have a long coast line with little villages and sandy beaches,also for surfing.Take a bus for the Panamericana,and get off when you think you are at the right spot.
or take the ferry from Balboa to Taboga for a day trip.

maby you try the Panama tourist info

more questions?feel free to ask,

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I'm wondering about this Kuna Yala region. Would it be possible to stay on one of these islands by oneself? I'm planning a very quiet trip, and it sounds perfect from the description on wikitravel:

Could I find a spot to set up a tent, not far from a place with a small market or something along those lines, to just live there for a few months? I could not live with the villagers at all, could I?

4. Posted by marlis (Travel Guru 1167 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

the only possibility I can think of would be making contact with some Kuna people in Panama City or going to Porvenir to find out if the let you stay for longer.
Porvenir is the Island where the Sailboots have to check in so there is a kind of imigration.
Corazon de Jesus is also a bigger Island and was years ago not so traditional like the other Islands,there was also a Hostel.
All the other Islands I know where very traditional.
I was only aloud to stay several times with the Kuna family on the Island for a few days because I brought a lot of cash for the comunity.
good luck,