Ideas-travel for free? I'm in Hawaii trying 2 make it 2 KC

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1. Posted by luv230 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

This is an odd question but I am in an odd situation ;o I moved to hawaii 3 years ago and it's sooo expensive to live here, so needless to say my current income has me on the verge of poverty. My best friend (who lives in KC, missouri) called and told me there is a position which pays an awesome salary at the company she works for (Toshiba) and her boss will hold the position and give it to me no later than next month - If I can't make it he will hire someone else, all I need to do is get there and obtain reg. ground transportation. My problem is I have literally only $14 to my name (no credit-cards/check acc), none of my family or friends are able to help me out and I have to somehow get to KC. Normally in a situation like this I would think I could just hitchike or take the greyhound but that's impossible from hawaii- My question is; does anyone have any creative ideas of how I could get to Kansas City, Missouri from Hawaii? I don't care how ridiculous the idea sounds, just that it could work....these are desparate times! j/k;) I've researched air couriers and that won't work from here, the 'flynow-buy later' hypes but that has a million hidden costs,.... I've actually been tempted to just get a crate and UPS myself, lol- but I think that's illegal. Anywayz, If anyone has any insights, ideas, heresays....anything at all, I would greatly appreciate it, actually I would more than greatly appreciate it! This is one of those opportunities that could change the whole course of your life and I don't want to give up such an awesome opp. to and stay here on the verge of poverty just because I can't afford a plane ticket. Thank U in advance ;p


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Well, your a lady, I'm sure there's a "way" you could make money quick. I hate to suggest it, but if its that great an opportunity, go for it. When I was in europe and had no money, and needed to get home, I slept on the street, ate garbage, and worked washing dishes until I had enough to buy the plane ticket. There's always a way.

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Thats a horrible suggestion if i've i'm reading you right. thats like saying you might as well cheat, lie and steal to get the money to go there, and from there everything will be fine and what you've done to get there will not matter or still be on your concience. Of course it's fine to live it rough to save every dollar and I wish you every bit of luck Kristin.
So your best friend in KC can't help you out, nor the boss thats holding the job for you??