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Hello, I am Liosa, I am 19. I am planning to go interrailling this summer, havent managed to talk any of my friends into going yet, so it looks like i will be going solo.

Any ideas?? Is it safe for a 20 year old girl to go travelling alone?? Where should i go?? Where should I avoid??


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when I was 19 I went Interrailing too - solo, to the UK and Ireland.

Obviously it was very safe, especially as I slept in hostels. Some interrailers sleep in train stations or in parks during summer, but for a single female travelling solo I do not recommend it for safety reasons.

I cannot fathom why you should not go or why you should not have fun doing so. The only slightly dodgy area for interrailers is South Eastern Europe, as there have been reports of trouble (=very aggressive thieves) on certain trains.

BTW, there are cheaper options to travel by than Interrail. If you know exactly where and when you will be going, it should be possible for you to find them via internet. I could also put you in contact with some people who know more about this than I do.

I recommend that you pick a country that you've always wanted to explore and then have a go at it for 3 weeks!

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Europe is save .... I think it all depends of who you are and what you are used to. Do you live in a city on your own or in a small village by your parents. Are you very fast afraid for everything or are you adventure / curious and openminded to meet new people ??

Just go and have a good time. I am now 26 and the last 10 years I saw Europe on my own ; not because I do not have friends to travel with but just of the fact I like to travel alone, see new things and meet new people.

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SO you think that the Hostels are better than camping?

I live with my parents at the weekend because I work late and it is easier to crash in theirs, it is in a small village!!! During the week I live in Belfast, a small city LOL.

I am an outgoing person, sometimes I can be a bit quiet, I suppose! But I really do enjoy meeting new people!

Really, my problem is I've just had a really bad break up and want to get away from everything and have sometime to let my hair down and realise that LIFE MOVES ON!!!