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1. Posted by MikeTarr (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm looking for people who've traveled to Europe for about a month and can give me some possible ideas of how much I'll be spending.

I'm going to be traveling through out Europe for 1 month. Cheapest airline ticket from Los Angeles I've found is about 1200 dollars. A 1 month Eurail Pass for youth is 669 dollars. That's all figured out. What's not figured out is where to stay...Hostels are very cheap, but I'm not sure if I want to stay in Hostels. I'd rather have a hotel room. Is it possible to purchase a Hotel Pass, or find hotels around for 30 dollars a night? If I go for a month, that'll be 30dollars multiplied by 30 days, which is 900 dollars. I'd like it if I could go cheaper than that, but ya any recommendations would be helpfull.

Also, how much should I put aside for food for one month?

I dont plan on spending money on souvenirs or anything, it'll just be me and my camera(pictures are like souvenirs to me). Only thing I'll be spending money on are some drinks at some bars or something.

I plan on going to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Amsterdam(holland), and a bunch of other common European countries.

Any suggestions, ideas, comments would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks guys.

Thanks alot guys.

2. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3383 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

900-1.000 € on a budget and self-cooking.

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Hello MikeTarr

I think it might be an idea, to browse the hotel prices on the internet. If your trip is well planned and u prebook the hotels(prebook, because u may have to do some searching, for the price u want), I think they will be possible to get, everyplace u go for 30 dollars. I have never heard of a hotel pass.

Alchol in Norway, Sweden and i think also Denmark is heavily taxed(this makes it expensive), so in those countries, it may be best to avoid or limit time spent in bars. Beer costs varies in the other countries. Some are more expensive than others. I am not much of a drinker, so maybe somebody else, will give beer prices.

Food can cost form a few Euros per day, depending on what u want to eat. Bread, cheese and some fruit, for the day, from a supermarket, would be just a few Euros. Eating in cafes, will cost around 20 euros per day(in my opinion). Add some more on, for a few coffees. Also, Scandanavia will be more expensive, than other parts of Europe.

Also, allow for city transport costs. Bus and subway. This cost varies. Day passes should not cost more than 10 euros per day in any city in Europe. They usually cost less.

Does your eurail pass cover all countries? I thought one could only get them for certain zones(containing only a few contries), these days.

Anyway, if u have more specific question, post them here. I am sure either I or somebody else will be able to answer them.


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Hi! I'm currently living in Copenhagen and I saw whole of the Nordic countries... as an advice... if you have a limited budget, do not try to see both sweden, denmark and norway... because they're complately the same!!!

during summer, if I were you I'd choose stockholm.. and in winter copenhagen...

norway is a really really expensive country...

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Quoting wouterrr

900-1.000 € on a budget and self-cooking.

Only if you are staying in one place for longer, wouterr!

Hostels alone cost between 20-25 EUR per night in the big and expensive cities like London, Paris, etc. If you want hotel, you will pay from 30 EUR on, but 50 EUR is a more avarage price.

For activities (like going out or entry fees to sights) you will need to budget around 10-25 EUR per day. If MikeTarr stays at hotels, he will need to dine in restaurants, or go to cafe, busting the budget even higher. (From a modest 4-10 EUR to 15-30 EUR per day for food.)

I say that 1200 EUR is minimum. If you want to stay at 2- or 3-star-hotels and dine out, make it 2000 EUR.

Mike, my advice is that you cease to look down on hostels. If all you want is a place to sleep, you cannot go wrong with them. The big majority are clean and as professionally run as any motel in the US, you can even get private rooms for a slightly higher price. Check the internet, there are reviews of hostels online. You can usually figure out how large the rooms are, how clean and safe the place is, what kind of atmosphere the place has (ie clean and sterile compared to cozy, familar but a bit on the dirty side). You might be able to book a bed in a 3-bed-dorm and if you are lucky you will have the place to yourself. A lot of hostels have kitchens, saving you the cost of dining out. Meals at cheap restaurants are usually between 4-7 EUR for the main course, but buying microwave-able dishes will set you back 1.50-3 EUR a meal.

Thus by staying in a hostel you save twice - first on accomodation and second on food. Only by staying in a hostel you will be able to spent less than 80 USD per day in Europe for food, acco and fun stuff.

BTW, the above prices are for Western Europe - Eastern Europe is cheaper.

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6. Posted by angela_ (Respected Member 1732 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

When I went I budgeted 50 euros per day for accommodation, activities and food.
It was very loosely budgeted and I never went over that and did have some money left at the end of the trip.