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This thread is simply to put in your dreams you get before your travelling, im sure youve all had the 'forgot tickets/passport' one? so try and stick in the weirdo ones...coz im sure im not the only one eh

My latest went from a beach in oz, to the parting of the sea...whilst i was in it, to finally me being in a jungle looking at a dried up river

What does it all mean !

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Fear of water, maybe? Or perhaps you had a big glass of water before bed...?

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Don't smoke so much stuff next time your on a beach in Oz?

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While I was travelling I frequently had a dream that I had gone home for a weekend, to see the folks and get me washing done. Then I'd be in my mum's house going "Oh hell! I've used my return ticket! I'm supposed to be in New Zealand and I've got 6 months to go". It was a bit horrible, I thought I'd thrown away my trip.

I met loads of people who had the same dream.

I always dream about places I've been, even places I went on holiday as a kid. The other night I dreamt about a place that was first a Thai island then Croatia. It was gorgeous. And last night I dreamt I was in Cairns getting chinese takeaway. I love dreams!