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just wondering if any one has an opinion on where it is best to do an amazon river trip? i think it sounds like bolivia is best but would love to hear some personal experiences - trying to work out if i should go all the way to belem in brazil - it´s just so far!!

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It depends on what you want. But first...technically speaking the Amazone does not flow in Bolivia. It's source is in Peru, from there it flows to Iquitos, triple border with colombia and brazil and on to manaus and belem. Of course lots of side rivers do flow into Bolivia or other neighbouring countries.
If you want to experience local life on the river I guess best would be to take a boat on the Belem-Manaus-Tefe-Tabatinga stretch of the Amazone.
I guess if you want to experience the jungle flora and fauna, then maybe a trip in the Manu area in peru is rewarding (regular flights from Cuzco to manu area), as could be the area northeast of La Paz in Bolivia, in the lowlying areas, with Rurrenabaque as a base for example (flights or bus from La paz)
Wildlife density in these areas is extremely high and diverse because of the altitude differences, from the lower parts of the andes to the places at sea level.
Also from Rurrenabaque, there are trips to the more swampy areas, comparable with the Pantanal.
For off the beaten track stuff, try Parque Nacional Noel kempff in eastern bolivia, on the border with brazil. Or the border area of Brazil and Venezuela.

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Hello Zedgee. First thing, when are you going to be doing this adventure and for how long do you want to spend in the amazon.

I myself am going on 2 river explorations in the western part of the Brazilian amazon from late June into July.

I am looking for up to 3 or 4 other people to join me on this adventure. The good thing about this adventure is that it is not a tour. It is an authentic amazon adventure with local guides not tour guides.

Basically the itinery is to arrive in Boca De Acre via Rio Branco to meet up with a guide who will take me on a 2 day boat journey down the river Purus to meet up with his family who are rubber tree workers.

There I intend to spend 4 days before returning back to Boca De Acre and transfering to Ji-Parana where I shall meet another local who will take me for around 15 days on the Machado river where Ive been told the jungle is at its wildest and best.

On this journey I shall be staying with 2 Indian groups the Araras and the Gavioes and embarking on further jungle adventures.

If you are interested in a more off the beaten path adventure you are more than welcome to join me for either of these 2 adventures or both.

All the best with your adventures