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I know that Africa is an enormous continent with a lot of different countries, but does overland travel across the continent generally remain approximately the same where ever you go, or are there some places like Zimbabwe that overland travel is simply not affordable? I am hoping to do an epic journey bigger than both my previous two RTW trips when I save enough. I am planning on flying in to Bangkok, making my way overland through some of asia, through Middle East (skipping Iraq due to war and Saudi Arabia due to the visa being almost impossible to get) and then making my way overland from Egypt and make my way down to South Africa most likely the majority would be overland as most flights are obscenely over priced.

I am unsure as yet which countries in Africa except Egypt, Kenya and South Africa, so I am going to be doing a lot more research in to planning a route for the countries.

Is travel overland in Africa pretty easy as a English spekaing tourist, or will I encounter problems in some countries at border crossings etc?

If you have any websites which may be of help with routing from Egypt down to South Africa overland it'd be great if you could let me know of them.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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A possible route could be from Egypt down to Sudan, Ehiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Vic falls, botswana, Namibia, South Africa. With a side trip to Mozambique, uganda or Rwanda. And also Swaziland and Lesotho, surrounded by south africa could be nice.
Other countries in the region, like Centralafrica, Somalia, Congo and Angola are not advised to travel to.

Unlike central, northern and western parts of africa, english and not french is the language. Well, some swahili would be nice sometimes of course.
The only realy bottleneck (apart from some bribes etc) would be Sudan. Getting a visa could be a problem and the safety situation is not very good either.
Maybe read a book from Paul Theroux: dark star safari. he traveled this route recently.
What do you mean by the way with Zimbabwe not being affordable....you mean safetywise or literally moneywise?

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Zimbawe is I agree not the safest country but you can go there with not too much problem. Just make sure you have plenty of cash as everything is really expensive. The lack of petrol is biggest problem as you may have difficulties to find it.

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Thanks for your replies, that route looks good.

What I was talking about with Zimbabwe not being affordable was just going by what I've read on the internet and seen on TV. I've seen that the inflation rate of things has risen some enormous amount over recent times (I think last time I heard it was 300% and rising quick) in large due to the situation with petrol there. Some food prices that I remember seeing were considerably higher than anything even in Australia which is a mid-expensive range country as far as living expenses go. So just going by that sort of thing and the fact the inflation rate is rising more and more daily, I'm suspecting that overland travel in Zimbabwe would be pretty pricey compared to other countries who haven't got an extreme lack of petrol and extremely high inflation problems.