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We have eight days to see Jamaica and get a feel for the island...does anyone have some good suggestions for us...where to stay, what to see...not necessarily all inclusive??? We are a couple and are over 50 (but NOT old!!!)

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I have been to the Negril area nine times and love Jamaica. I highly recommend that you stay away from the tourist areas and explore the "Real Jamaica". The best and most enjoyable way to do this is go out on a tour with a Jamaican. My favorite tour guide and friend is Soloman Kerr with Talk of the Town Tours.


My favorite areas that I have been are Little Bay Jamaica:

I stayed at here and loved it but it's rustic and the property is on a Jamaican families property and the lady of the house cooks breakfest and lunch for you. Not much in terms of night life - just total immersion in the Jamaican culture if that's what you are looking for.


I stayed at this hotel just outside of Negril and absolutely loved it - real Jamaica but nice accomidations are close enough to the tourist area of Negril.


This is my favorite hotel/resort in Negril - spectacular:


My favorite places to eat are in Negril are:

MiYard - www.miyard.com - Jamaican Fast Food

3 Dives - www.maherconsulting.com/3dives/ - Jerk Lobster

Selina's Coffee Bar - www.geocities.com/selinascoffeebar/main.html - banana pancakes and Blue Mountain Coffee.

Enjoy and don't believe anything you hear about Jamaica not being safe - I have been all over the bush by myself and have never ran into problems.


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Negril was very beautiful and the sunset there can not be beaten anywhere. Only hassel there was that every single male that wasn't a tourist that you came across was a hustler trying to either sell you drugs or prostitutes and even going out about 200 metres in to the ocean could not get you to avoid it. I went that far out it was way past the red danger zone and a guy came up on a jetski and offered to sell me cocaine or any other drug I may want! I went out that deep to try and avoid that crap. Negril is a touristy spot, but if you can look past the hustlers well it is nice. Also Treasure Beach is nice as well and a lot less touristy. One of the must see things when in Jamaica is Dunn's River Falls (can do a tour from Montego Bay). Doing the waterfall climb was the best thing I did in Jamaica. Not doing that waterfall climb would be a crime, it would be like going to Cairo and not going to see the pyramids.

Have a great trip, but even at your age expect plenty of hustlers coming up to you trying to sell you drugs.

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My suggestion is to stay at Freedom Villa in Negril, a lovely guesthouse mid beach section, the operators also do individual tours through Jamaica. During your 8 days stay you should definitely see the following: Black River Safari and YS Falls, Mayfield Falls, and the westend of Negril including Rick's Cafe. Write to Anita and John Dwyer for further info. I cannot post e-mail addresses here, but here is their phone number: (876) 957 3054 or google and look for Freedom Villa Negril, or Johnmaica.
PS: They are also your age-group !! Love from westend Negril, Karin

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Welcome to Jamaica. It's good to have impressions of other visitors of the places they have visited the only drawback is that their knowledge of Jamaica is brochured and as such they apparently can speak only of the touristy areas which are far from real.

There are too mmany places to talk about so have a look at an alternative Jamaica. -snip-


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I, too, have been to Jamiaca twelve times and have stayed in Negril, Montego Bay and Runaway Bay. Though many people thoroughly enjoy the Negril area, I personally prefer MoBay, Runaway Bay or Ocho Rios areas. Negril has the seven mile beach which is the main foot thoroughfare so you are open to solicitation for everything from cigarettes to marijuana. The Tryall area between MoBay and Negril is also quite nice.

We tend to choose all-inclusive hotels when visiting the island because we like having our diving included in the package and not having to budget for our meals. It's just our preference when we take a dive-oriented vacation. We have stayed at Jack Tar Village and Sandals (MoBay), Breezes (Runaway Bay) and SandiSan (Negril). I can not recommend SandiSan. It also is not all-inclusive, but I know you are not necessarily looking for A-Is only. The service was of low quality as was their restaurant. We thoroughly loved eating at Tamboo Tavern on the beach though - if it's still there...

The South Coast of Jamaica has seen quite a bit of development over the past few years in hopes of bringing visitors to that portion of the country. Santa Cruz and Mandeville are suppose to be quite nice. I have not been there though.

We have rented a car and driven from Ocho Rios to Kingston to visit friends. It was an experience driving on the left hand side of the road and having children, goats, cows and small artist/food stands all along the way. Two-lane roads are also considered three-lane and passing on blind curves is not uncommon. Driving through Fern Gully was was absolutely beautiful.

What to see:
Rose Hall Greathouse (MoBay area), originally owned by Annie Palmer, is a fun little tour. She is known as The White Witch of Rose Hall and supposedly killed off three husbands, burying them under palms down by the beach. We also went horseback riding close by so we got to ride through the Rose Hall grounds and a portion of Palmer's other estate, Palmyra. (Palmyra is seeing some residential development and has the Palmyra Resort & Spa now.)

Dunn River Falls (Ocho Rios) is a great attraction as you can climb them. It is quite touristy but everyone seems to enjoy their time there. (We have not visited the falls.)

Appleton Estate Rum Tour (Saloah, St. Elizabeth Parish - South Coast) has also increased in popularity. I know they have bus tours or you can drive to the estate. At one time, you could take the Appleton Express, which was a train ride from MoBay to the estate, with a stop at some pretty cool rum-runner caves along the way. I am not sure the train trip is still an option. (I took the train trip the first time it was offered after being unavailable for many years. It wasn't quite as organized as they thought as someone forgot to let the estate know we were on our way. We had fun though.)

Hope some of this helps.

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