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i'm in santiago for a week, hostel seems empty, i'm on my own and the hostel's tourist agency is closed. so, i am wondering what to do.. i went around the city today, it's nice.. so in the next few days i'd like to visit the nearby places. if anyone has a suggestion, please ;) which is the best way to visit aconcagua and what's the risk of altitude sickness going up 3000 meters in one day (and back down again)?


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Take a look at this site from Mendoza http://www.trekking-travel.com.ar/english/horseback_riding_cross_andes.html
They have many wild options, but you should contact them and ask if you can start the programs from the Chilean side. Andes Crossing is amazing, google those key words and you'll see!

Regarding altitude and Aconcagua, you better be in excellent physical condition, able to carry weight, and have basic mountaineering skills. Not easy, but take a look at this site and clear up doubts: http://www.patagonicas.com/index.html

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hey, i live in santiago so i can recommend you:
you can make a day trip to valparaiso, it's really beautiful and you can admire great views of the bay and visit pablo neruda's house La Sebastiana. It's not easy to get there but everybody there are used to help tourists.
There's a really really nice french restaurant (and incredibly cheap) in cerro alegre, don't remember the name, but in those narrow streets you will find nice surprises and beautiful buildings ;)
the city is near to viƱa del mar and another popular beaches and it's only 1:30 hours from santiago by bus.
I would recommend you my city (rancagua; 1hr south by train) but i think you'll get bored :) so better not.
Did you see the giant walking girl and the rhino she captured??? it was a massive spectacle here in santiago last weekend
for more info you can go to sernatur office (official tourism board) in providencia, i think it's in pedro de valdivia station ;)
hope i helped! if you have more questions just let me know

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Going up 3000 metres and down again the same day won't give any problems (unless it's up from 3000 to 6000 meters of course). Maybe a little light headed, but that's it.

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thanks for your tips!!
i really like santiago!!