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I am heading to South America later this year. In september I will be in Ecador and woul like to go to galapagos islands, Where do all the boats leave from?? and will I be able to get on a boat pretty easily this time of year? or should i book a tour ahead?


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you have to fly from Guayaquil or Quito to Baltra Island on
the Galapagos, $300-350.00
There you have to pay in cash only the entrance fee to the Galapagos
which is $ 100.00
On Baltra you can look for a cruise,there are small boats for 12 - 16 people,bigger ones up to 90 passangers.
You can't visit the islands alone only with a guide,it is very strict.
It is not cheep,but really very special.If you go there take the 8 day trip otherwise you miss a lot because each island has his special kind of animales.
there are more earlier postings about the Galapagos.


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Besides flying to Baltra, you can also fly to San Cristobal, which has the airport only a 10 minute walk from town.
At the moment, Aerogal and TAME fly to San Cristobal, as of October, LAN Ecuador will also operate flights to here.

Baltra is currently accesible by all 3 airlines. Note that Balra is a 10 min. bus ride + a 10 minute ferry + a 40 minute bus ride (or a bit quicker taxi ride) away from Perto Ayora, the main town on Santa Cruz. Transportation cost to town will need to be added to your ticket price.

Before laving either Guayaguil or Quito, you have to make a $10,- payment, you do this before checking in for your flight.

Prices for tickets vary by airline but are norally around $400,- - $470,- for foreigners.

A lancha (local ferry) can take you from inhabbited island to inhabbited island for $25,- one-way.

On all inhabbited islands, except Floreana, there are plenty of hostels to choose from in various price ranges. Normally, on San Cristobal they start at $$10,- a night while the other oslands atart at around $15,- a night. On Floreana, there is a hotel to stay in.

On Isabella, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal it's easy to arrange day tours. On the las 2 islands, you also have great options in arranging a last-minute cruise with prices that can be substantial lower then booking in advance. Island hopping tours (land-based) are also available on both of the last islands.

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