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Yes I know another visa question.

I head off to Thailand in April and am very confused about Visas. I have read loads on here and on Thorn Tree but am still very confused.

So sorry in advance for this.

I was looking to spend 65 days in Thailand (3days BKK/28 days Volunteering Kao Look Chang/7 days chilling) before going to Siem Reap for more volunteering (28 days) and then back to Thailand for 7 days before heading home.

1. Before I leave UK can I get a 60 day visa?
2. Can I then extend this visa by 30 days on day 59 of my trip? if so how?
3. When I come back into Thailand after Cambodia will the 30 day extension still be valid for my last 7 days?

Sorry for asking a another Visa question but want to clear this up before I book my flight.

Thanks all


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When I was in Thailand early last year, the way it worked was on arrival you get the 30 day visa. Then say you spent 29 days there and get a flight to Siem Reap, you'll get the 30 day Cambodia visa on arrival which is meant to cost $20US. Then you come back to Thailand and on arrival you'll get another visa which will give you another 30 days or however long your country's passport allows you. You'll need to pay some money when leaving Thailand (I think it was 500 Baht) as a departure tax which isn't already included in your ticket price. As long as you do that, I don't think they care less in Thailand if you entered, exited after 29 days, re entered the next day etc for the rest of your life as long as you weren't working illegally, because they get their rip off a tourist fee.

Assuming you have a British passport, the visa site I go to to see what visa requirements are for certain countries says the following about Thailand with a British passport:

Passport (must be in good condition) required.

If holding passport (must be valid at least 30 days) endorsed:
- British Citizen ; or
- British National (Overseas) issued in Hong Kong:
visa not required for a max. stay of 30 days, provided coming for touristic purposes. Extension up to 10 days is possible. Fee THB 500.- (1 photo required). If passport is valid less than 30 days, stay will only be permitted up to the validity of the passport.

It is recommended to hold onward/return tickets.

So going by that it would suggest that for the initial period of 38 days, you can get the normal 30 day visa and then pay 500Baht for the extra 8 days that you'd be going over the 30 day limit. Then you'd go to Cambodia where you'd get a 30 day visa on arrival costing $20US. After your 28 days in Cambodia, you'd go back to Thailand and receive another 30 day visa on arrival which you'd only need for 7 days before you went home. I can recall seeing a small sign at the immigrations desk when departing BKK that listed certain fees for overstaying you visa period by a few days, so it might mean that you just pay that 500 Baht when you leave Thailand, but someone else on here might know for sure.

Have a great trip.

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The visa rules for Thailand can be confusing and they do change. You can get a free 30 entry permit on arrival with an air ticket out within that 30 day period. You do not qualify. Thai Imm. never used to check for onward tickets, but now they may. Your airline may not allow you to border w/o a ticket out of Thailand in that 30 day period. Call them and ask. Better to know now than on departure day.

For your plans, I would buy the 60 day visa while you are in England. This solves your problems. After your 38 day stay in Thailand, fly to Siem Reap, pay the $20 for the 30 day visa. This invalidates your 60 day Thai visa. Fly back into Thailand, recieve the free 30 day entry permit, now legal because you have a ticket out of Thailand within the 30 day period.

'Aharrold' had some good advice but some of it needs clarifying. The fine is 500 baht per day for overstaying your visa. This is if you make it to the airport or border crossing before the police become involved. If you are stopped for any reason and have overstayed your visa, you will go to jail. Then transferred to Immigration Detention Center. After a hearing, you will the pay your fine, then deported. It may take several weeks before you are allowed to buy a ticket out of Thailand. You may be blacklisted, never allowed to return. A very steep price to pay for overstaying your visa. This option is not worth considering.

You can extend your 30 day entry permit by 7 days for 1,900 baht, once. Tracy, I hope this helps you make a decision. Send me PM if you need any additional help.

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If you're going to work in Thailand you'll need a work permit, even if it's voluntary work. the organisation you are working for should do all this for you.

Be carefull many people do work in Thailand illegally but if you are caught you will be locked up and deported. They even threatened to do rhis with people who came to help after the Tsunami.

You really should get a non-immigrant "B" visa before you go. this is the kind of visa you need to get a work permit. However there may be different rules for voluntary workers. I would suggest you contact the nearest Thai consulate for advice.....and the people who you are volunteering for.

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Lots of good info here ->

By the way, I just did the "visa run" few days ago, and man that was a BITCH!!! Totally boring!